Sutherland Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Information Technology





ICT:  INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 9, 10                                                                                                                         

Today's high school students are the most technologically sophisticated in history.  However, the job market demands that these students strive to move beyond rudimentary computer applications and the features on their smartphones.  This course provides an opportunity to establish a foundation in our world of technology.  Info Tech 10 is a course for Grade 9 and 10 students interested in developing their computer skills.  In this course, students will learn basic programming skills to develop their first computer game. They will study image manipulation with Adobe Photoshop, make animations with Adobe Flash and Blender, and create a mini movie with Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects.  Students will also learn how to create websites and have an opportunity to use different applications for multimedia presentations.  Success in this course will not only benefit students in their senior years in high school but also prepare them for the technological skills required for post-secondary studies.  This foundational course will prepare students to choose senior level technology courses such as Information Technology 11 and Digital Media 11, depending on their areas of interest. This course is project based and students will be encouraged to explore and challenge their skill set; advanced projects will be supported.




Information Technology 11 is a course designed to further develop the skills of students in the content areas of computer Game Art and Design, and Website creation and design.  Topics covered will include: digital image creation, 2D and 3D animation, game development, modeling and design, and computer programming.  This course will use the Adobe Creative Suite as well as game designing platforms.  Website design will cover the principles of design, web graphics, multimedia and animation. Strengths in math, analytical thinking, logical reasoning and attention to detail will help students succeed in this course.  IT 11 is a project-based course and individuals will be encouraged to challenge their skill set.

This course will count for 4 credits as an Applied Skills. 

Supplementary Fee:  $20.00




The fundamentals of Game Design and Web Page Design are the main focuses of this course.  IT 12 is a self-directed course that expands on the skill set students learn in IT 11.  Students in IT 12 will be required to work both as an individual and in a team environment.  This course in project based and students will be encouraged to explore and challenge their skill set; advanced projects will be supported.  Prerequisite:  Information Technology 11   (ICTS 11)

Supplementary Fee:  $20.00                                                                     



Digital Media 11 focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes students need to respond to digital images and create art using computer technology.  The main topics in Digital Media 11 are: digital image creation and filmmaking.  In digital image creation, students will learn the basics of digital photography, advanced digital image editing with Adobe Photoshop and the principles of graphic design.  With filmmaking, students will learn how to produce a movie from pre-production stages through to post production editing.  Advanced skills in Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects will be developed. Digital Media is a project-based course.

Supplementary Fee:  $20.00




Students will further advance their knowledge of the foundations developed in Digital Media 11. Students will gain extensive knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite to create and manipulate personally meaningful images, graphic designs and media productions, with an emphasis on Graphic Design principles and filmmaking.  This course is project based and students will be encouraged to explore and challenge their skill set; advanced projects will be supported.  Portfolio development will be encouraged for students interested in careers in digital media and filmmaking.

Supplementary Fee:  $20.00




Yearbook is an exciting course in which students create Sutherland's yearbook.  Skill in areas such as graphic design, photography, English, art and graphics are useful and will be developed.  Students from grades 8 - 12 are encouraged to participate.  This course will be offered as an X block in the master timetable. A high level of maturity (along with the ability to work cooperatively, responsibly and independently) is essential because students must be willing and able to work outside the classroom setting.  Admission is by application.