Summer Learning
North Vancouver School District
Communicating Student Learning


Academic Honesty Policy

North Vancouver School District Communicating Student Learning K-12: Handbook for Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting

Summer Learning Communicating Student Learning Policy

Reporting Timeline

    • Interim Reports cards are sent home with students

    • Final Report cards are mailed home to the address on file in MYED at your student's home school  
    • Please ensure your address is correct in MYED. This should  be checked at your home school, prior to the end  of June 

    • Report Card Comments should include:
      • evidence of what the students can Understand, Know, and Do
      • reference to grade boundaries
      • comments outlining next steps for student learning : a "recipe for future success"
      • curricular competencies that require further attention
      • anecdotal comment around engagement 

Delivery method 
​​Foundations Interim
Report Cards 
​Sent home with student
July 11, 2019
July 18, 2019 
​Foundations ​Final
Report Card 
July 26, 2019 
​​Full Credit Interim  
Report Card
​​Sent home with student
July 17, 2019 
Full Credit ​Final
Report Card

​ Mailed
August 2, 2019