Summer Learning
North Vancouver School District
Summer Learning FAQs


Why is the NVSD offering Summer Learning in-person in 2021?

  • The health and safety of our students, staff and their families is our highest priority. Our school district is currently following the guidelines of the Provincial Heath Services Authority for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • We are very pleased to be able to continue to offer a Summer Learning program. We believe that this model will allow students to explore and extend their learning, challenge themselves academically, and fulfill their personal learning goals through engaging,  innovative, and technology-rich programs.

Can students take more than one class in Summer Learning?

  •  No, presently NVSD Summer Learning offers one class (instructional session) per day.

Can students audit a summer course?

  • No, students cannot audit courses. We encourage and support students who engage in the course and participate fully.

Can a student who has already graduated from high school take a Summer Learning course?

  • No, students who have graduated are not able to take Summer Learning courses.

How will a parent know if their child should enroll in the Literacy or the Numeracy program?

  • Literacy and Numeracy courses are designed for students who will benefit from increasing their knowledge in the subject matter by acquiring the core skills in these areas of study.
  • Courses are targeted for students who have already taken Math 8 or 9 or English 8 or 9 and have achieved under 60% in the course.
  • Our primary target for these courses is a student who needs to develop core skills in either Literacy or Numeracy.
  • Students will earn a passing mark (pass) for the course once they meet the learning outcomes.

How do the Math and English Foundations courses work?

  • The delivery of Math and English Foundations is unique to the NVSD. Students who register for Math 8 and 9 (Numeracy), or English 8 and 9 (Literacy) will be assessed on the first day of classes and then grouped based on skill level.
  • This provides the opportunity for direct, individualized learning, and allows the teacher to focus on gaps in learning and the needs for support as demonstrated through the assessments.

If my son/daughter takes a Foundations course are they guaranteed to pass?

  • No, there are no guarantees. Students who take Literacy or Numeracy 8 or 9 will be assessed accordingly and will only earn a pass (meeting expectations) or a fail (not meeting expectations). No percent is issued. The focus in the Foundations courses is on skill acquisition and refinement – not on letter grades or percentages.

How do I register my child for the Elementary Summer Learning program?

  • Parents cannot register their child for the Elementary Summer Learning program.
  • Students in the Elementary Summer Learning program are admitted by referral only. Students are recommended by School Based Resource Teams and in consultation with the family.

How do students know who their teacher will be?

  • Students meet their teachers on day one of classes. 

How many classes can a student miss during the Summer Learning session?

  • Students must be punctual and attend class every day. For further details on attendance see the Attendance Policy on the Summer Learning website.      

Communicating Student Learning

When will I receive my SL report card?

  • Report cards will be available via the Parent Portal in MyEdBC after Summer Learning has finished.
  • Please refer to the Summer Learning calendar on the website for reporting dates.

How will parents know how their child is progressing in the summer course?

  • For Full Credit courses, teachers will provide interim reports midway through the course.
  • For Foundations courses, interim reports will be produced weekly.

How much does it cost to take a Summer Learning course?

  • For current fee information visit the SL website. 
How are students with IEPs supported in summer learning programs?
  • Teachers have access to IEPs and adaptations will be provided; however, individual EA support is not available during summer learning.