Summer Learning
North Vancouver School District
Course Outlines and Locations

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ELL (English Language Learning) for Secondary Students

ELL for Secondary Students
2019 ELL 8 to 11.pdf
Dana Miller, Catherine Thompson 

Foundations Courses

​Numeracy 8/9
2019 Numeracy 8_9.pdf
C308, B107, C308, D208
Courtenay Brown, Liz Thornhill, Alaina Denny, Joni Danielson, Diana Morris 
Literacy 8/9
2019 Literacy 8_9.pdf
D101​Kelly Lindahl, Kelsey Beaudry

Transition Courses

​Grade 7/8 Transition
2019 Transition 7 to 8.pdf
D104, D102
Rob Walker, Amy Speakman, Shane Johnson, Rachel Vukovich
Grade 7/8 IB - MYP Transition
2019 Transition 7 to 8 IB.pdf
Jen Aragon, Erika Kinach
Grade 7/8 French Immersion Transition
2019 Transition 7 to 8 French Immersion.pdf
​C105Martine Borak
​Grade 7/8 ELL Transition
2019 Transition 7 to 8 ELL.pdf
​Natalie Vermeer

Full Credit Courses

(Biology) ​Life Sciences 11
2019 Life Sciences 11.pdf
Ali Lansing
​(Biology) Anatomy and Physiology 12
2019 Anatomy and Physiology 12.pdf
Steven Pace
Chemistry 11
2019 Chemistry 11.pdf
B213, B211
​Stephanie Strandt, Murray Bulger
Chemistry 12
2019 Chemistry 12.pdf
Sheloah Klausen
English 10
2019 English Language Arts 10.pdf
​C205, C203
​Katie Black, Sandie Chen
​English 11
2019 Literary Studies 11.pdf
D201, D206
Jay Spicer, Jenna Benko
​​English 12
2019 English Studies 12.pdf
​D204, D203, D205​Kim Mulder, Kyle Dawson, Chris Murphy
​Explorations in Social Studies  11
2019 Explorations in Social Studies 11.pdf
​Kit Bjornson
​Explorations en Sciences Humaines  et Socials 11 
2019 Exploration en sciences humaines et socials 11.pdf
Evan Allardyce
Math Foundations 11
2019 Foundations of Mathematics 11.pdf
Ken Pickthall
​Physical and Health Education 10
2019 Physical and Health Education 10.pdf
​Ryan Kerluck
​Physics 11
2019 Physics 11.pd
​A201, A203
​Braden Holt, Mathew Houlton
​Pre-Calculus & Foundation Math 10
2019 Foundations of Math and Pre Calculus 10.pdf
​C304, C301, C303, C306
​Sean Henry, Norm MacPhail, Jordan Dickson, Katherina Von Bülow
Pre-Calculus 11
2019 Pre Calculus 11.pdf
D312, D310, D308
Sebastian Cabrera, Florin Pisica, Stephanie Maxwell
​​Pre-Calculus 12
2019 Pre Calculus 12.pdf
​D303, D301
​Lorrie Welch, Michael Chang
​Science 10
2019 Science 10.pdf
​C201, A205
​Andreea Suceveanu, Alex Kelsch
​Social Studies 10
2019 Social Studies 10.pdf
​Vincent Martin