École Sherwood Park Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Reopening of In-class Instruction - Week in Review

Friday, June 5, 2020

RE: Reopening Week in Review

Dear Ecole Sherwood Park Families,

What an amazing week of return to in-class instruction! It was heartwarming for us to see our students and families this week, and hearing the kids laughing and playing is music to our ears. Please watch a short video that highlights our first week. We would also like to share a few quotes from our school community.


  • Sherwood Park has always been, and continues to be, an amazing school. I feel totally comfortable that my kids are loved and in capable hands. I appreciate the positive energy that the staff has towards the kids and being happy to see the kids; staff made them feel welcome to be there.
  • My kids were excited to come back and they were up & ready really early in the morning. They were the first ones at school! They have all said that they enjoy being back at school. 
  • My kids liked being back in smaller classrooms; they also want to be back for more days.


  • School is really good, and I really like it. I felt shy to see my friends again, but not anymore!
  • I like that it's quieter.
  • School is pretty good. It is awesome and really safe!


  • I had a huge smile on my face from the moment I came to school on Monday.
  • Recess and lunch were the highlights for me; I loved hearing the kids laugh and play.
  • A lot of planning has gone into making sure everyone is safe and comfortable being at school together. It is great to see all the hard work over the past two weeks in action, and it everyone is doing their part and the plan is working well.

It is nice to hear that our planning and safety measures have made a big difference for our school community. Below are a few updates to our first week of reopening to in-class instruction.

Safety Measures

We continue to support a safe and healthy environment through physical distancing measures, regular and timely cleaning of high-touch surface areas, limiting occupants in rooms, regular hand washing, and supervision. Students have been amazing at following our safety protocols and physical distancing measures, and staff are visible and supporting students with reminders as needed. We continue to have staff and students wash their hands several times throughout the day and remind students of good hygiene. Parents are also keeping their children who may be displaying symptoms of illness at home, and some are using the daily health checklist.

Our Numbers

It is great to see our students returning to in-class instruction over the course of the week. The approximate numbers of students are as follows:

  • Monday = 90 students
  • Tuesday = 120 student
  • Wednesday =  20 students
  • Thursday = 120 students
  • Friday = 90 students

Overall, our students have been great in keeping physically distant and handwashing, and our staff provide reminders as needed. One update is that we have opened the play equipment for kids to use, and we keep handwashing and physical distancing top priorities throughout the day, including recess and lunch. If you would like to send your child next week or the coming weeks, please contact your child's classroom teacher.

For further information of our Reopening Plan and Parent FAQs, please visit our school website.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Sanj Johal, Principal                                         Kelly Curry, Vice Principal