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Daily Physical Activity (DPA)


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Daily Physical Activity (DPA)

This is an update for students and parents on Daily Physical Activity (DPA) reporting for this year.  All students are advised to be healthy and active as part of their daily lifestyle.  The Ministry of Education requires schools to report on student’s Daily Physical Activity. 

Those students who are active in a Seycove P.E. class or a NVSD Sports Academy – do not have to submit any additional documentation to the school as their P.E. commitment covers the minimum hours for DPA.  Likewise, grade 12 students will report DPA through their Grad transition class.  Therefore, only those students in grades 8-11 who are not active in Seycove P.E. class need to submit a record of their DPA.  Note that Distributed Learning P.E. 10 students and Peak Performance students DO need to submit their own record as the school does not track activity in either of these programs.

Those grade 8-11 students who need to report their DPA hours via the on-line DPA log need to note the folloing cut off dates for reporting.  The on-line form will be closed at the designated date and time below.  The self-declaration forms must be completed once a term, be verified by a parent and submitted electronically.

Term 1               November 27th

Term 2               February 26th

Final Report      June 15th 

1. Seycove has designed a Google form (link below) to make reporting easier.   Students can visit this site at the end of each month in the term and document their activities on the Google form.  Or, students can visit near the term due date and do a submission for each of the term months.  The submissions will list activities, confirm minimum time, and  have a place for signatures. (Parents are required to review the submission and digitally sign the documentation.)  

2. If preferred, a hard copy or e-document parent/guardian letter submission is acceptable.  Alternate tracking formats, such as a home calendar can be used throughout the month by the student.  At the end of the month and term, the parent / guardian reviews the tracking a sends a simple confirmation letter to Ms. Craven (in the main office or by email.)  The letter must include the student's full name, type of activity(s) student was active in, a statement that the minimum hours was met for the term, as well as the parent/guardian signature.  

If either of these two approaches are submitted on time, the school wil report that the student is meeting DPA requirements on the report card.

Unfortunately, students who do NOT submit the Google form or the letter by the deadline will have a comment on their report card reporting that they are β€œNot Meeting the DPA Requirement.”

If you have any questions – do not hesitate to contact Vice Principal Mr. Rob McLeod at

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