Seycove Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Seycove Model United Nations Club

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Seycove Model United Nations Club (M.U.N.)

M.U.N. is an academic simulation of the United Nations. Students are assigned to represent a nation in an engaging debate regarding the pressing morale issues that the global community faces. The different divisions in M.U.N. cover a diverse range of topics including global health, environment, security, finance, economies, human rights, and development. It helps familiarize students with the UN procedures as well as the variety of global events that occur in the world. In addition, M.U.N. teaches delegates the importance of negotiations and listening to others as they work with other nations in hopes of producing a comprehensive resolution to address the topic of debate. M.U.N. is also an enriching experience as it encourages students to investigate and be considerate of perspectives other than their own.


Teacher Sponsor: Mr. Yip (Room 220)

Lead Students: 

Although you need to be in grade 10 and up to attend the M.U.N. Conference, all grade 8’s and 9’s are invited to attend meetings to get a sense of what M.U.N. is about.  Please see one of the people listed above or attend one of our regular meetings on Friday at lunch in room 220.  Listen to the announcements or see the hallways monitors to see when we are meeting next.