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Office 365 and Parent Teacher Interview


Student Accounts in MyEd 

If your child has an email entered into MyEd they will receive an automated email that a MyEd Student account has been created for them. If they do not have an email in MyEd they can use the generic login and password: login ID will be XXXXXX (pupil number)nv e.g. 2222222nv and the generic password: Spring2018 to create an account.

This account provides students with the opportunity to access their Final Report Cards at year end. Please see the attached document Family Portal Simplified to support you through the process. If you or your child do experience difficulties, please contact Jen Eyton for support. 

Family Portal - Simplified Student instructions.pdf

Communication Student Learning (Report Cards) 

For more detail regarding report cards and communicating student learning, please click on Communicating Student Learning (Report Cards) to learn more. 

Parent Teacher Interview Updates: November 8, 2018 & February 7, 2019

PTI Parent Instructions Fall

PTI Parent Instructions Winter 2019

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Office 365

Office 365 Parent Letter

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