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Student Placement 2020-2021

May 11, 2020

Student Placement 2020-2021

Ross Road staff members take student placement very seriously and go through a meticulous process. Assignment of students to classes is determined by a team, including our School Based Resource Team, classroom and non-enrolling teachers, support staff and administrators. Our class placement process ensures that thoughtful consideration of each child's social, emotional, and academic needs is aligned with the creation of balanced and effective learning environments. It is important that students learn to work and socialize in environments of diversity.

Please understand that with the complexity of class building, each consideration implies limitations in decision making for your child's placement. Please be assured that the same care and consideration will be given to the placement of each child whether or not this form is completed. The information you provide will be used along with our information and criteria for the creation of balanced and effective classrooms that maximize growth for all learners. Please complete and return the form below ONLY if you have information that their current teacher and/or Principal do not have and need to know as we consider class placement for your child. Note: this is parental/guardian input for consideration, not requests.

Due to the complex nature of the class placement process, it may not be possible to meet parent/guardian and student input.

Information sheets will not be accepted if names of staff members are used in outlining your input.

Our school organization is dependent on accurate enrolment numbers. If you are leaving Ross Road, and your child will not be registered for school in September 2020, please inform the office staff as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued support and partnership is this complex multi-level process of arranging educationally sound and balanced classes.


Kate Lecheiter


Student Placement Information Ross Road Form.pdf

Student Placement Information Ross Road Letter.pdf

In order to have your input considered for placement, the Student Placement Form must be returned to the school office via email to rossroad@sd44.ca subject line: student placement 2020/21, no later than May 29th, 2020. Forms submitted after this date will not be considered for the 2020-2021 school year. If you wish to print and complete it, contact the school to make arrangements to drop it off (we can also print it for you).