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North Vancouver Online Learning
North Vancouver School District


Name: Tristan

NVOL Course: Planning 10         NVOL Teacher: Dee Chen

Why are you taking this course through NVOL?

My main motivation was that there was not enough space in my high school timetable to enroll in all the courses I wanted to take. Taking Planning 10 at OL allowed me to enroll in a wider variety of courses that I would not have been able to do otherwise.

What are the benefits of taking this course online?

This course is built with a lot of flexibility. You are not limited by the direct resources of the NVOL website. Course projects, although defined, can be completed in many different ways and since you are free to complete assignments at your own pace you have time to experiment and adjust your work.

What are some of the challenges you face in OL? How did you overcome these challenges?

It was easy to get stuck on a large project for weeks that would slow my progress through the rest of the course's regular material. In these situations, I split each of the projects into smaller separate sections that could each be completed independently over several days.

What was your favourite activity in the course?

My favourite activity in the course was the Workplace Safety Video I created in which I featured the laboratory at my dad's office. I came up with most of the scenarios for the videos on the spot; using footage along with music to create a short walk through of the lab. What I like most​ about this project was the creative work that I had to apply.

Have you take any OL courses before? If so, which ones?

This was the first course I took through OL.

Would you take a NVOL course again?

Yes. Next year I will be taking Pre-Calculus 11.

Advice to any potential NVOL students?

Don't get overwhelmed by the amount of course work. It you are diligent and timely with your assignments, and have simple strategies to structure the completion of larger projects, the entire course will be much easier and faster to complete.