North Vancouver Online Learning
North Vancouver School District


Name: Daniel

Course: English 12      Teacher: Ms. Weller

Why are you taking this course through NVOL?

Because I have heard from my friends that OL teachers are very responsible, patient and friendly to students who take online courses.

What are the benefits of taking the course online?

The biggest benefit for me is that I have more flexible time in Grade 12, which is the busiest year in my high school life. Since I take an online course, I can do my course work whenever I have time and this allows me to have more autonomy in planning and studying the course.

What are some challenges that you face in OL? How do you overcome these challenges?

The biggest challenge for me is to arrange my time properly. Students can be lazy sometimes, waiting until the last minute to do homework. To combat laziness and lack of control, I force myself to work on English 12 online for a least half and hour every night. As time passes, I can see my effort paying off. This in turn motivates me to keep working.

What has been your favourite learning activity in the course so far?

My favourite learning activity​ is the first meeting with my teacher, Ms. Jane Weller. That meeting helped me to know more about the course and gave me confidence to be successful.

Have you taken any NVOL course before? If so, which ones?

No, I haven't.

Would you take a OL course again?

Yes, If I had the chance, I would definitely take another OL course. Teachers are very kind and helpful. They can take time to explain to their students again and again until they understand what they are doing.

Advice to any potential NVOL students?

Any hardworking student will be successful in this course. The more times students come in and ask our DL teachers for help, the more help we get and the more success we will get.