North Vancouver Online Learning
North Vancouver School District


Name: Amir

Course: English 10      Teacher​: Ms. Weller

Why are you taking this course through DL?

My school was not able to fit the course in my timetable and I do not want to be late for graduation and University.

What are the benefits of taking the course online?

You can control the time you learn.

What are some challenges that you face in DL? How do you overcome these challenges?

Online learning is challenging because there isn't a teacher there to teach you all the time. I have to be active and always check the website and schedule time to do my work.

What has been your favourite learning activity in the course so far?

Not sure yet!

Have you taken any DL courses before? If so, which ones?

No, I have not.

Would you take a DL course again?

It depends on how things go in this course. Maybe yes, maybe no.

Advice for any potential DL students?

Be active in your course, and do not think that your DL course is not important. It is just as important as your face to face classes!