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Sian Oliver

​Sian has been teaching in the district of North Vancouver for 30 years. She spent 12 years at Sutherland while the remainder has been at Windsor. She has also spent the past 10 years working with NVOL. Her curriculum vitae includes Social Studies, Career Life Education 10 (face-to-face and online), Physical and Health Education, Career Life Connections 12/Capstone, and she heads up the Work Experience program at Windsor.  She holds a Masters Degree in Administration and Leadership and was Vice Principal of Summer School for three years.  She grew up in North Vancouver attending Handsworth and has remained dedicated to the educational system we have to offer.  She lives in North Vancouver with her son and husband. She enjoys running, walking and generally being active. â€‹

NVOL Courses: Career Life Education 10 (Enrolling students from Windsor Secondary)



Sian can be reached at:​