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North Vancouver Online Learning
North Vancouver School District
Wendy Matsubuchi

Wendy supports North Vancouver Online School learners full-time in D209 at Sutherland. Her courses include CLC12, Capstone, CLE10, French 10 and French 11. All are welcome online or in person to get help, use the printer/scanner or work, but first priority is for those who have made an appointment to write a test.


Wendy started her educational journey crossing Canada, with schooling in Lynn Valley, Haida Gwai’I, Eastview, Algeria, England, Sutherland and UBC. Her Bachelor’s degree included Science and French. Her Master’s degree included Immersion, Language and Special Ed, along with Theatre and Cross-cultural Counselling. She taught French, Business and Special Ed in small, rural, isolated and northern districts before returning to North Vancouver’s École Braemar, Windsor House Alternate and—for the last 26 years—her ‘forever home’ Sutherland. Her passion is people: family, friends, Multicultural, Cancer Awareness and Chess Clubs, 24-Hour Fast, Student Leadership Council, Yearbook/photography, volunteering and travel.

NVOL courses: French 10, French 11, and Career Life Education 10 and CLC 12 (enrolling students from Sutherland Secondary).

Wendy can be reached at: