Norgate Xwemélch’stn Community Elementary
North Vancouver School District
In their words...

Mark Lunden

Mark's in his last term of grade 9 at Carson Graham High School and loving it! Grade 10 in September! High school has been an excellent experience and he's made a tonne of new friends there. He's playing on the Carson Graham Eagles football team as quarter back and played on the basketball team in grade 8. PE is his favourite class 'cause there are even more fun sports to learn when you're older, but Mark really likes drama, woodwork and cooking class. Grades are coming along well and he's enjoying all of his teachers. The new high school is really bright with natural light and the science labs and foods lab are really cool.  It's been a great transition from elementary school.


Teagan Po White

Hi, I'm Teagan, (remember me?) a proud graduate of Norgate, and for all my "Little Buddies" in Gr.6 and 7 I'd just like you to know that high school isn't as bad or as scary as you think it is! For starters, I'm in Gr.9 at Carson Graham (term 2- honour roll with distinction), and so far, High school is pretty awesome! If you're worried about making friends, it really isn't a big deal, you just have to talk to people and be outgoing! Introduce yourself and keep an open mind, and you'll be fine! Honestly, the only thing I had a problem with is opening my locker and finding my classrooms, but after just a month it gets completely automatic.  The block rotations for the different subjects are sort of confusing at first, but it's all in your agenda so it shouldn't be a problem, just make sure you don't lose it – the agenda, not your mind! Grades shouldn't really be a problem either because if you get your homework and projects in on time you should be fine. Grades for Gr.8 and 9 don't really matter for university or college anyways, the universities and colleges only look at your grades in Gr. 10, 11, and 12. There are lots of opportunities for extra-curricular activities like sports, or music or whatever you want, and I highly suggest you do as much as you can. (I personally hope to see you in the music department, whether it be band or choir or both, because I’m in the jazz and concert bands and really enjoying them.) But above all, be optimistic, keep an open mind and don't procrastinate!


Grace Marilley-Bodner

Grace Marilley-Bodner is currently in Grade 10 and attending Saint Thomas Aquinas.  Grace has been on the honour roll every term since Grade 8.  She participated in Gymnastics in Grades 8 & 9 and Field Hockey in Grades 9 & 10.  Grace really loves high school, especially now that she just got her driver’s license and she has lots of friends from all over North Vancouver.

Nat Marilley-Bodner
Nat is currently in Grade 9 at Saint Thomas Aquinas and has a grade average of 91% (honour roll).  He has enjoyed the Wrestling Team in grades 8 & 9 as well as Advanced Band playing the Basoon.  Nat’s special achievement so far has been “school winner for National Geography Challenge”. Nat says that going to school at Norgate taught him a lot about people from different cultures because it is so diverse.

Sean Tweed

Hi, my name is Sean Tweed. I went to Norgate Elementary School and now I go to Carson Graham high school. I am in Grade 9. I really like high school because there are so many people there. It is different from elementary school that way. Some days you don’t even see your friends. And you have different friends in every class and a different teacher for every class. That is what makes it interesting. The sports are great in high school too. I was on the football team for grade 8 and grade 9. High School sports teams are good because you get to meet new friends and you connect more with them. The practices are usually 4 -5 times per week right after school, so it is easy because you don’t have to go anywhere (just to the gym or to the field) and it keeps you busy and active. High school is more difficult than elementary school so you have to make sure not to get behind in any of your work. If you feel you are falling behind, it is important to talk to your teacher or parent so they can help you. If you wait too long, sometimes it can be a big problem. You have to be more independent in high school too, so it is important to learn how to do things by yourselves while you are still in elementary school. You have to remember all your homework, because in high school, nobody is there to remind you or help you. But high school is not that difficult, so don’t worry. If you pay attention to your teachers, do all your homework and study for your quizzes and tests, you should be fine. I have been on the honour roll every term in grade 8 and grade 9 so far (term 2- honour roll “with distinction”). I like all my teachers and they are very helpful.


Josh Fairfield

Josh is currently in Grade 8 attending Carson Graham.  Josh attended Norgate Elementary from Kindergarten to Grade 7.  He says he had an easy transition from Norgate to Carson. His favourite class is Science (he loves dissecting). He is really enjoying the Carson Grade 8 football as well as the Games Club. Highlight "I really like high school; the teachers are fantastic".


Spencer Leaf

Spencer Leaf is currently attending Carson Graham and is in Grade 8.  He attended Norgate from Grade 4 to Graduation (Grade 7).  Spencer really enjoys high school and the new challenges it brings. He loves science, drama and wood working. He is in the games club and plays in the concert band.


Elliott Brebner

Elliott Brebner is currently in Grade 8 and he is attending Carson Graham. It is a nice big new school. Most of the teachers are really nice and very smart. He found his first few months a bit confusing. He loves the fact that you can go anywhere at lunch. His favourite subject is science. He loves to play dodge ball and football. It is hard getting used to having lots of homework. He is looking forward to grade 9. 

Riley Bizzotto

Hi. My name is Riley Bizzotto.  I attended Norgate from kindergarten to grade 7, and now I am currently enrolled in Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, in grade 10 and I have made the honor roll every year.  Some of the things that I have been doing with the school to keep myself busy include: volunteering at The Door is Open, volunteering at the STA Christmas Craft Fair, being part of the stage crew for the school play (Cinderella), being on the Field Hockey team, participating in ThinkFast (24 hour fast) twice, and next year I will be able to go to France, Monaco and Switzerland with 39 of my fellow classmates in grades 11 and 12, with the French Department.  I am really enjoying my time here at STA, with making new friends and meeting interesting people and what not.   Everybody here is really nice and friendly, I have also been able to make the most awesome group of friends anyone could ever have.  The lunch hours here are also super long, lunch is like 55 minutes, it's pretty awesome.  All in all I'm having a blast here at STA, and I hope that you all will have just as much, or even more fun than I when you reach high school.  Work hard, sleep well and have fun! 

P.S. Wacky Wednesdays are still a thing, right?


Hannah Gibson

Hannah is in grade 8 at Carson Graham. She is really enjoying high school. She has met a lot of new friends there and is on the Cheer Team. She is on the Honor Roll this term which she is quite excited about. She plays Alto Saxaphone in the Junior Band. The band goes on a trip every year usually in the spring which is a lot of fun. She misses Norgate School and likes to visit and help Ms. Smee with the Hip Gym class.


Rachel Gibson

Rachel is nearing the end of grade 11! The new school is really beautiful! She will be visiting Norgate soon for the 7/11 program where a grade 11 student is paired with a grade 7 student to help them transition into high school. Rachel has played flute in the school band since grade 8. She started band in grade 5 at Norgate School. She has been on the Honor Roll with Distinction for grades 8, 9 and 10 so far. She has fond memories of her years at Norgate!