Montroyal Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Global Learning


Over the past decade, we have seen an unprecedented rise in the amount of information available to people and to the interconnectedness of people around the world.  To continue to offer a rich diversity of engaging programs to students, we, too need to grow.  Students need to not only be competent in reading, writing and mathematics, but also 21st century skills .  They must be inspired to navigate the sea of information through speaking, writing, multi-media, and creativity.  Students need to become more globally aware and learn to collaborate with people face-to-face and around the world.  A well-rounded education is no longer just the three R’s; success in the future will require digital-age literacy, inventive thinking, effective communication and high productivity.  Are we ready?

The Global Learner program is designed to prepare students for the future, and to bring students, staff and parents together through collaboration and responsive partnerships.  We have chosen three school-wide themes, addressing learning outcomes at all grade levels, across subjects, and aimed at developing global awareness.  Under the umbrella themes of Children of the World, World Leaders & Leadership, and Global Stewardship, students will take part in focused inquires which include progressive learning outcomes focusing on 21st century skills.

To read more about Global Learner, please see the following document 
Global Learner-2.pdfGlobal Learner-2.pdf