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Montroyal Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Fine Arts
​​​​​​​There are a number of actitivies in the Fine Arts that students can participate in. Please see below for the list of activities: 


Music and Drama:

Montroyal offers a complete program of high quality music instruction for all students in Kindergarten to Grade Seven.  Students learn to play instruments (recorder, Orff instruments and guitar), sing and learn vocal techniques and perform drama and musical theatre productions. Students also study the history and influence of various musical genres from the Canadian and world context. In December Kindergarten to Grade Four students put on two theatre productions and in April Grade Five to Seven students put on two performances of a musical theatre production. Throughout the year various classes perform plays for each other.


Visual Arts:

Every students has opportunities to explore a variety of visual art genres including painting, mixed media, clay, pastels and charcoal. They draw, paint, sculpt and create many different visually unique pieces each year. They also learn about the life and work of artists that have influenced our world.


Band and Strings:

Band and Strings are user pay programs that students in grades 4-7 can participate in. The Band Program is for grades 5-7 students, whereas the Strings Program is for grades 4-7. Practices occur before school, during class time, and/or during the lunch hour. For more information on the NVSD Band and Strings Programs, please click the link. 
8:00am Continuing Band
8:40am Beginning Band
8:00am Continuing Strings
8:40am Beginning Strings
1:00pm Continuing Band
1:40pm Beginning Band
10:00am Beginning Strings
12:50pm Continuing Strings
For further information on Montroyal's Band Program please contact Joshua Capri at
For more information on Montroyal's Strings Program please contact Sab Kabok at
Thank you.

Please click here to learn more about the NVSD Elementary Band and Strings program. 


Choir is an extra-curricular school program that is open to all grades 4-7 students. These students learn various singing techniques, learn to sing in harmony, and perform during the Christmas and Spring Concerts, student-led assemblies, and other school-wide events. For more information on the Choir Program, please contact our music teacher Janet Hill at


Montroyal Choir with Norman Foote at Centennial Theatre - Oct. 22, 2015