Montroyal Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Daily Physical Activity (DPA)
Update: March 4, 2021
During the current pandemic, some of the programs offered below may not be taking place. Some programs  may be offered in an adapted format, while others may be put on hold.

​There are many school-wide activities that students participate in to promote health, community, and some fun competition.

Daily Physical Activity (DPA):

DPA, as it is commonly called, is a program to keep kids active  and teach them healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Students may get together to learn to dance, do aerobics, go on hikes on the local trails, or do strength activities in their own classroom. In some cases, students even have opportunities to become leaders and design their own activity to share with others.  




Sports Fun Day:


Students in Kindergarten through grade 7 take part in Montroyal's sports fun day.  Relays, running races, hoola hoop contests, tug of wars and activity stations are all part of a fun day for students planned by staff and our Grade 7 students.  It is a great day all around!