Montroyal Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Montroyal Calendar

​​​​​​​​​Montroyal 2018-2019

The North Vancouver School Board of Education passed a local school calendar for 2018-2019 which includes a two week Spring Break beginning on March 18th and ending on March 29th and 4 early dismissals for Staff Collaboration. All North Vancouver Elementary Schools will be having early dismissal on the same days for Staff Collaboration. The new local calendar was developed by and recommended to the Board of Education by a joint committee of representatives from parents, administrators, teachers, the Board of Education and the Student Leadership Team.  The process included a survey that went out to all stake holders for feedback on all of the issues. You can find the background information on the development of the local school calendar on the District website. The hours of instruction will remain unchanged at Montroyal for 2018-2019 as the hours of instruction have been maintained through the extension of some of the days that have traditionally been early dismissals at elementary schools.

The first bell rings at 8:40 am and the second bell at 8:45 am, when class begins.


Important Dates/Times to note:

​September 4
First Day of School (8:45-10:45 for students)​  
September 5
​First Full Day of School (Gr.1-7) K Gradual Entry
​September 13
​Curriculum Night
​September 21
School-based Professional Day (school not in session)
​September 26
Terry Fox Walk/Run​
Staff Collaboration Day (2:00 Dismissal)
​September 28
​Orange Shirt Day
​October 1-5
iWalk Days
​October 3
​Student and Class Photos. Dress Nice!
​October 5
Harvest Lunch
October 8
Thanksgiving (Holiday)​
​October 16-17
Parent Teacher Conferences (Students dismissed at 2:00 pm)
October 19
Provincial ​Professional Day (school not in session)
November 2
District Professional Day (school not in session)
​November 12
Remembrance Day (Statutory Holiday in lieu of November 11)​ No School
​November 28
Staff Collaboration (student dismissed at 2pm)​
​December 11
Musical K-4
​December 13
​Musical K-4
​December 14​Report Cards published on portal
​December 21
Last day before Winter Break​
​January 7
Schools Reopen​​
​January 15-17
Grade 6 Outdoor School
​January 28
​Professional Development Day (school not in session)
​January 30Staff Collaboration (students dismissed at 2pm)​
February 15
​District Professional Day​ (school not in session)
February 18
Family Day (Holiday)​
February 27
Pink Shirt Day
​February 27
​Staff Collaboration (students dismissed at 2pm)
March 8
Report Cards published on portal
​March 13-14
Conferences (Students dismissed at 2:00 pm)
​​March 15
​Last day before Spring Break​ 
​April 1
School Re-opens after Spring Break​  
April 3-5
Grade 4's to Outdoor School 
​April 9
​Grade 5-7 Musical
April 11
Grade 5-7 Musical
​April 12
​Band and Strings Festival (pm)
​April 19
Good Friday (Statutory Holiday)
​April 22 
Easter Monday (Statutory Holiday)
​May 6
​District Professional Development Day (No school)
​May 13
​May 20
​Victoria Day (Statutory Holiday)
​May 29
Fun Day
​​Staff Collaboration (student dismissal at 2pm)​
June 3
School-based Professional Day (school not in session)
​June 4
​Swangard North Vancouver School District Track and Field Meet
​June 21
National Indigenous Peoples Day
​June 26
​Grade 7 Farewell
​June 26
​Report Cards Published to the portal
​June 27
Year End Assembly & Last day of school for students (3pm dismissal)​​
June 28
Administrative Day​ (school not in session)