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Updated November 5, 2013

​You might have seen the painted house in the Gallery. We are inviting you and your family and friends to buy a brick for $10. We will write your names on the brick that you'll buy. When we build the houses in El Salvador, we will write your names on the inside of bricks of those houses. 

Brick by brick we can made a difference somewhere in the world. Bring the Handsworth spirit to El Salvador. Our volunteer group will be selling bricks during lunch in the Gallery.

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Updated October 1, 2013

​Meeting on Thursday October 3rd, 2013

Room 202   at  7pm

​​Agenda :

1.    trip itinerary

2.    RR hotel

3.    Donation forms

4.    Registering to Glob​al for Humanity website

5.    Immunization

6.    Flights

7.    Fundraising

8.    Other?

To bring to meeting:

1.    Cheque for $1200 written to Handsworth Secondary

2.    Photocopy of passport   (if you cannot get a photocopy prior to meeting, please arrive 15 minutes earlier with passport and we will make a copy at school.  Thank you)

If you would like to add any other items to agenda, please email me and I will add it and put it on Handsworths’ homepage. 

Thank you.​

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Habitat El Salvador Agenda first student meeting.pdfHabitat El Salvador Agenda first student meeting.pdf

Ambassadors for Change

Handsworth Volunteer Trip to El Salvador March of 2014

First M​eeting

This will be Handsworth Secondary School’s first ever volunteer trip. Our neighbourhood is rich with resources and this is an opportunity to give back to the world and make a difference. On this trip we will be building houses for less fortunate families in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador (located in Central America.)

We have formed a partnership with Global Village, a branch of Habitat for Humanity. Global Village has done many of these volunteer trips with high schools in the past. They are very experienced and know how to facilitate high school groups doing volunteer work in El Salvador.

Check out the global village website 


General information:

        1.     Volunteer trip to be held in March 2014

        2.     Trip consists of 10 days (2 travelling days, 1 day orientation/cultural, 5 building days, 2 days R&R

        3.     Group of 20 grade 10 and 11 students

        4.     Interested students must write an essay giving reasons why they would like to volunteer to go abroad and build homes

        5.     Students will commit to fundraise for cost of building materials ($675 per student)

        6.     Habitat for Humanity needs a 5:1 (student: adult) (minimum of two staff will participate)

        7.     R&R hotel stay near San Salvador

        8.     Charitable tax receipt will be issued by Habitat for part of the cost


Tentative Costs:

Approximately + - $3000 total

Costs are:

1.     Materials donations

2.     Lodging, meals, inland transportation

3.     Travel medical insurance

4.     Cancellation insurance

5.     Airfare

6.     R&R hotel stay (to be decided)

7.     Immunization, passports, pre-trip incidentals etc….

8.     Teachers and TOC (if needed………..depending on departure date)




            information of trip proposal


          Wednesday January 30 at 7 pm

 in Library



         Please familiarize yourself with website before meeting



Teacher leader

Mme Rioux

Student leader

Lauren Melliott