École Handsworth Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Health and Careers 8
Health and Career Education 8 is integrated into PE 8, Humanities 8, and Applied Skills 8 at Handsworth. The required curriculum provides students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will assist them in making informed decisions related to their health, education, and future careers. Through the various lessons, students will develop their understanding of their growing personal responsibility for attaining and maintaining their overall health and well-being, and for identifying and exploring their education and career goals. 

Listed below are the learning outcomes for Health and Careers 8 and how they are divided between the three Grade 8 classes.

​Humanities 8 – Englis​h 8​ HCE 8 / PE​ ​HCE 8 -  Study Skills
Education and Careers


Describe how personal attributes can be related to career options

Identify skills that are transferable to new tasks and situations within and outside the school, including:

personal management skills

​academic skills

​​teamwork skills

Healthy Living


Self esteem and goal setting – Justin Abdou –guest speaker


​​Healthy Living with Sexual Health Facilitator

(Tara Hansen)


Identify factors that influence healthy sexual decision making

Demonstrate an understanding of the consequences of contracting sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS (e.g., symptoms, short-term and long-term health issues)

Healthy Living

Set personal goals for attaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle


Stress Management

Healthy Relationships


Tolerance/Homophobia (Guest Speaker – GAB)


Assess the importance of healthy relationships (e.g., with friends, family, teachers, mentors) – including Bullying – It’s A Girls World)

Describe ways in which they can contribute to a safe and caring school environment

Healthy Relationships

​Identify school and community sources of information and support for individuals in unhealthy, abusive, or exploitative relationships (e.g., school counsellor, help line)

Safety and Injury Prevention


Personal Safety– RCMP officer visit

Safety and Injury Prevention – RCMP Liason Officer


Assess the potential risks associated with a variety of road-related situations

Describe appropriate procedures for responding to emergencies (e.g., be prepared, ensure there is no further danger to self or others, know how to access help)

Safety and Injury Prevention


Assess the potential hazards associated with various jobs (e.g., garden work, babysitting, newspaper delivery, snow shovelling)


Internet Safety – Applied Skills 8 – Mrs. Johnson

Substance Misuse Prevention


(With John Duong  (VCH)– 1 class)

Analyse influences related to substance misuse (e.g., friends, family, media)

Propose strategies that can assist in making healthy choices related to substance use (e.g., assertive communication, refusal/delay/negotiation skills, avoidance of risk situations, participating in alternative activities)