École Handsworth Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Planning 12
For more information please click here for the Planning 12 Course Outline (2018 - 2019).

Click here for a PDF version of the course outline (to be updated)

The aim of Planning 12 is to support all students in acquiring the attributes of the BC Graduate in order to support successful transition from secondary school. Guidance will also be provided to assist students in the completion of their Transition Plan and completion of their Graduation Transition Requirement.


Intellectual Development:

  • Understand how developing and emerging competencies/skills are relevant to life after high school.
  • Continue to develop the ability to think critically and to solve problems, to use information to develop own opinions, and to make sound judgments and decisions.

Human and Social Development:

Students will continue to examine and demonstrate the importance of acquiring the knowledge /skills and competencies to:

  • Develop positive habits needed to be physically and emotionally healthy.
  • Become socially responsible citizens, respecting diversity and the rights of others.
  • Contribute to the broader community and participate in improving their own and others quality of life
  • Develop a positive understanding of self that promotes self-confidence and self-respect.
  • Demonstrate the reflective decision making process through active participation in classroom activities and discussions.

Career Development:

  • Develop the knowledge, skills and self-confidence to pursue future pathways.
  • Acquire the attitude to be self-directed, life-long learners, able to set individual short and long term goals, demonstrate initiative and responsibility in pursuing those goals in school, at home, at work and in the community.
  • Continue to examine and explore career pathways appropriate to likes, interests, skills and knowledge, and continue to demonstrate the skills of working safely, effectively, individually and collaboratively.
  • Learn the skills to present confidently and proudly to school and wider community and develop good financial sense to assist them in managing life goals.


Transitioning From Secondary School: Goal Setting, Planning and Preparing

  • Demonstrate preparedness for the application process to work, post secondary programs and/or training, volunteer programs, and, where applicable, scholarship, bursary and award opportunities through resume writing, cover/thank you letters, letters of introduction and interviewing/presentation skills
  • Participate in career related activities that are outside of the school setting. (eg. Work Experience, Job Shadowing, Job Fairs, Seminars, Open Houses, Workshops)
  • Re-assess generic skills that are transferable to the world of work, other experiences and environments
  • Re-assess and corroborate, through continued career research and self-assessment, the choices made in student’s transition plans
  • Describe how values, skills and attitudes connect to their successful transition to life after high school
  • Revise and finalize individual transition plans in relation to career focus area
  • Demonstrate time management and organizational skills in regards to the demands of the grade 12 year
  • Demonstrate understanding of the use of credit, debit, interest and investments in the financial world
  • Research and analyze costs in relation to their post secondary plans, whether it be education and/or training, traveling or working
  • Complete in a timely fashion their transition file - including 30 hours of work/volunteer experience.
  • Complete 80 hours of physical activity (either in or out of school) and provide appropriate documentation as per assignment

Presentation Skills: Presenting yourself

  • Demonstrate and practice communication, organizational, and presentation skills
  • Articulate, through presentation, skills in presenting oneself that are transferable to the world after high school
  • Articulate, through presentation, transition plan and short and long term relevance of final transition portfolio project
  • Present an accurate profile of self on paper including: resume, cover letter, thank you letter, letter of introduction and reference letter

Instructional Strategies:

Instructional components of the course may include: lecture, discussion (large and small group), guest speakers, student presentations, videos, computer research/exploration, demonstrations, group activities, interactive exercises and self-directed projects.

Assessment and Evaluation:

Various evaluative tools will be utilized throughout Planning 12 including: projects and assignments, discussion, presentations, group work activities, teacher observation, self-evaluations, tests, and quizzes.

Marks Assignment:

  • Transitioning From Secondary School: Goal Setting, Planning and Preparing
  • Presentation Skills: Presenting yourself
  • Social Responsibility

Final evaluation is based on the following:

  • 50% - Assignments, guest speaker evaluations
  • 40% - Final transition file and class presentations(4 credits awarded for completion of Graduation Transition Requirement)
  • 10% - Social Responsibility

• Plagiarism, cheating, or copying of assignments will result in a mark of zero (0) for all parties involved. Parents or Guardians will be notified and a note will be added to the student’s school file.

Grad Transition Requirement

Graduation Transitions replaces the Graduation Portfolio Assessment found in the original 2004 graduation program It is a requirement for all BC secondary school students who are enrolled in Grade 10,11, or 12 as of September 1, 2007 beyond. Key components of this plan will be supported through Planning 12. See attached page for details. This plan must be completed for graduation.

Work Experience

All students must complete 30 hours of work experience and/or field experience by the Spring of Grade 12. This experience is one of the Graduation Transition Requirement.

Policies and Procedures

The family is the primary educator in the development of children’s attitudes and values. The school plays a supportive role by focusing on the achievement of the objectives outlined for Planning 12. Any concerns or questions should be directed to either the Planning 12 teacher or Ms Therese O’Connor  at 604-903-3600.