Distributed Learning School
North Vancouver School District


Name: Krishna

DL Course: English 12      DL Teacher: Ms. Weller

Why are you taking this course through DL?

The reason I enrolled in DL was to complete my Dogwood Certificate in Canada. I also want to improve my knowledge of English. I chose DL because it gave me the flexibility to work at my own pace. Trying to complete my studies as an adult can be challenging. DL gives me the time I need to work on my courses. I have met great teachers who are real professionals. They are very understanding and helpful throughout the course. They have never given up on me, even when I have been frustrated and wanted to quit.

What are the benefits of taking the course online?

I am improving my knowledge of English. It is giving me a lot of confidence to express myself. It is rewarding when I get good grades on my assignments. I will be very proud of myself for finishing this course.

What are some challenges you face in DL? How do you overcome these challenges?

Time management is my main challenge. I am often distracted by my personal or work issues. It is hard for me to focus on the course materials and understand it because I am a visual learner and I have to learn the course by myself. Also, there is a lot of material to review. To overcome these challenges, I go to the DL Centre often​ to meet my teacher and clarify questions. My teacher is very encouraging and understanding and answers my questions very clearly. Moreover, I always tell myself whenever I am feeling that I want to quit that I can do it!

What has been your favourite activity in the course so far?

​I really enjoy the whole course, but my favourite activities are the Novel Study onThe Kite Runner and the Short Story unit.

Have you taken any DL course before? If so, which ones?

I finished a Math course before I started English. I really enjoyed my Math course and did very well in it.

Would you take a DL course again?

I will definitely take another DL course. I think DL is the best way to learn something new or something that you want to improve on in your own time.

Advice to any potential DL students?

Set deadlines to finish your assignments. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Never give up or quit if you want to achieve something. You are never too old to learn!