Distributed Learning School
North Vancouver School District
Carson Gibbs

Carson teaches Career Life Education 10 DL and Social Studies 10 and Explorations 11 at Handsworth Secondary School. He has been teaching online Planning for the past 11 years and enjoys the flexibility and personalized student centered approach it offers students in preparing them for the 21st century. Having been an avid hockey player in his youth, he appreciates the fact that online learning allows students the freedom to balance their busy schedules and participate in various programs outside of school. Career Life Education is a provincially mandated course and covers all components outlined by the Ministry of Education. Taking Career Life Education 10 DL offers students an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience in taking an online course and helps prepare students to be successful online in grades 11, 12 and on into their post-secondary education.


DL Course:  Career Life Education 10

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