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Summer Session DL Information

​​​​Summer Session DL 2018

Welcome! This summer we are doing things a bit differently at NVDLS....sun-02.png

NVDLS is moving forward to operate as an 11 month school--almost year round! With this in mind, we would like to keep things simple by letting students enrol all year long for their courses. Students can enrol and start a course anytime up until June 26, 2018 and work in our self-paced environment. After June 26, any new registrations we receive will be enrolled starting in the first few weeks of September.  During the month of July, the DL Centre at Mountainside will be open for student support and test invigilation. During the month of August the DL school will be "on vacation". Students are still welcome to work on their courses and complete assignments, but our DL Centre will be closed and our teachers will not be responding to messages, emails, or evaluating student work until September. Everyone needs a break to re-charge their online batteries!!!

What we offer:

1.  Access to our DL Centre at Mountainside Secondary, 3365 Mahon Avenue, Room 411 

July Schedule: click here

Students in Grade 12 who require a mark in the summer for upgrading or university entrance must complete their course by July 26. Please let your DL teacher know as soon as you enrol that you plan to complete by July 26 and that you will need a final report card.

2.  DL Centre support includes:

  • academic support from DL teachers
  • tech support
  • test invigilation

Teachers available in July: (they will be available at the DL Centre, will be responding to messages and evaluating work)

  • Loveleen Ahluwalia: English 8, 9, 12, Socials 8, 9, Career Life Education 10
  • Naresh Chand: Math 11 Pre-Calc, Chemistry 11, 12, Physics 11, 12
  • Dee Chen: Math 8, 9, Science 8, 9, 10, Biology 11, 12, Career Life Education 10
  • Khatija Dhanji: Career LIfe Education 10, Physical and Health Education 10
  • Billy Lauzon: Math 11, 12 Pre-Calc, Calculus 12
  • Ted McCormick: Socials 10, 11, Law 12, Marketing 12, Geography 12, History 12, Drama Film and Television 12, BC First Nations 12
  • Emily Taylor: Math 10 Pre-Calc, Math 10, 11 Workplace, Math 11, 12 Foundations
  • Bryan Lockless: Career Life Education 10
  • Louise Owen: French 11
  • Ray Yip: Physical and Health Education 10, Physical Education 12

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Need more information? Contact us at dlreg@sd44.ca or 604.903.3333