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Summer Session DL Information


​​​​Summer Session DL 2019

(Located at Sutherland Secondary)


NVDLS continues to operate from September to July.


Students can enroll and start a course anytime up until June 25, 2019 and work in our self-paced environment.  After June 25, any new registrations received will be processed during the first few weeks of September. 


During the month of July, the DL Centre will be open for student support and test invigilation.


The DL Centre will be closed in August.  Students are still welcome to work on their courses and complete assignments; however, teachers will not be available to respond to messages, emails, or evaluate student work until September.



What we offer:


1.     This Summer, due to seismic work at Mountainside, our DL Centre will be located at > Sutherland Secondary School < (1860 Sutherland Ave. - Rooms C202 and C203).  


July Schedule: click here



Note:  Students in Grade 12 who require a mark in the summer for upgrading or university entrance must complete their course by July 22. Please let your DL teacher know as soon as you enroll that you plan to complete by July 22 and that you will need a final report card.



2.     DL Centre support includes:


o   academic support from DL teachers

o   tech support

o   test invigilation



Teachers available in July: (Office Hours, availability to receive and respond to messages, and evaluating course work)


·       Loveleen Ahluwalia:  English

·       Emma Breeze:  English, Career Life Education 10

·       Naresh Chand:  Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics

·       Billy Lauzon:  Mathematics, Pre-Calculus, Calculus

·       Ted McCormick:  Social Studies, Law, Marketing, Geography, History, Photography

·       Maynard Milks: Biology, Mathematics, Science

.     Louise Owen: French

·       Emily Taylor:  Mathematics

·       Bryan Lockless:  Career Life Education 10

·       Ray Yip:  Physical and Health Education


·       Additional teachers TBD



To register: please select the appropriate registration form here



Need more information? Contact us at dlreg@sd44.ca or 604.903.3333