Distributed Learning School
North Vancouver School District
Special Education Supports
​The North Vancouver Distributed Learning School has a wide diversity of learners enrolled in our courses. Working online requires self-motivation, time management and commitment. 

Students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) can be supported through Distributed Learning. It is important that our team of educators is aware of individual learning needs and are able to make the necessary adaptations for success.

What We Offer:
  • self-paced courses: students who need additional time to review and master concepts can work at their own speed
  • technology embedded in courses: students who struggle with written skills often benefit from using a computer for editing, revising and organization, students can show their learning online through blogs, video, animation, glogs, and other applications, students who are auditory learners can use voice thread and audio drop box to listen to and answer questions
  • a "safe" place to ask questions and share ideas: students who may struggle in a large class environment are free to ask and answer questions in a private message with their teacher
  • extra time on tests and exams: students who require more time can be given time extensions when necessary
  • a streamlining of required assignments and assessments, as indicated on the IEP goals​
  • one-to-one tutorials as necessary (can be booked with their DL teacher directly)
  • access to the DL Centre: a computer lab/work space to come to for support, test invigilation, and tutorials
Students who require more intensive special education support may benefit from taking their DL course in conjunction with a Learning Assistance Support Block or a Choices block at their mainstream secondary school, or with the support of a private tutor (provided by the family).

Please contact your DL teacher at the time of registration if your require any additional supports or adaptations. We are here to help!