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Welcome to the North Vancouver Distributed Learning School!

June 06, 2018

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Welcome to the North Vancouver Distributed Learning School (NVDLS)! At NVDLS, we offer a variety of online courses at the Grade 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 levels, both academic and elective, that lead toward a BC Dogwood Graduation Diploma or an Adult Dogwood Graduation Diploma.

NVDLS is proud of our ability to provide students on the North Shore with a flexible, personalized pathway to complete secondary school. Our anytime, anywhere, continuous entry approach allows students to combine online courses in conjunction with their face-to-face program at a mainstream school.

NVDLS offers a "blended" approach to online learning by providing students with access to our DL Centres. Our main DL Centre is located at Mountainside Secondary School, 3365 Mahon Avenue in North Vancouver. We also have satellite DL Centres located at each of our 6 mainstream secondary schools.

These Centres are open daily and after school to allow students to access face-to-face teacher support, attend tutorials, and write unit tests and exams.

At NVDLS, our amazing staff are committed to making a student's online learning experience successful.

Click here to access Frequently Asked Questions about Distributed Learning.

Watch the video below to see what it’s like to learn at NVDLS and meet our amazing staff!