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Cove Cliff Elementary
North Vancouver School District
Kindergarten Welcome

NVSD Kindergarten Orientation presentation​ is located here

Ministry of Education's When I go to Kindergarten booklet HERE

Cove Cliff Kindergarten Orientation Cove Cliff 2021.pdf presentation.

Cove Cliff Cove Cliff K Handbook 2021.pdf

Cove Cliff ideasKindergarten Readiness.pdf

Cove Cliff Code of Conduct 2020-21.pdf

VCH - Welcome to Kindergarten Handout 2021 - June 1, 2021.pdf

Kindergarten FAQs:

Please be mindful that our plans will need to be adapted based on the COVID-19 situation at that time.

1. How will school be different during the COVID-19 era? What safety measures has the school implemented and what will September look like for my child? · We are following the Provincial Health Officer’s guidelines and the BC’s Restart Plan: K to 12 Return to School. At Cove Cliff, we have implemented many safety measures to make sure all staff and students are safe.

2. Why is Cove Cliff Elementary special?

All schools in the North Vancouver School District are great, including our school. Each school, however, does have its own culture and we, too, have a few items that are worth mentioning that are specific to our school. Our school is nestled in a forested area which we make use of regularly, as well as a beautiful outdoor classroom. We have a strong Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) that supports our school and students. Our staff care deeply about student progress and success.

3. What does the first week of September look like? What is the gradual entry plan?

Kindergarten students will have a gradual entry of over 5 days to help support their transition into formal schooling easier. Each child will alternate their times and come in the morning and afternoon, gradually increasing their time at school. A detailed plan will be sent home in late June. If your child needs a longer gradual entry, please speak directly to your child’s classroom teacher in September or email Ms. Kee.

4. Will there by a K/1 classroom? If so, why?

The Collective Agreement outlines the maximum number and minimum number of students in each grade. For Kindergarten (including a K/1), the maximum number of students is 20 in a classroom and the minimum number of students is 15 in a classroom.  

5. I will be walking my child to the classroom. Where can I park?

Please review the local bylaws for closest parking. Parking is limited in our area so please try and walk from home. If not, there is a lot of room at Myrtle Park. Please do not park in staff parking lots or at the yellow curb at the front of the school. This is an emergency lane. If there are cones up blocking the driveway it is because we are either expecting buses or emergency vehicles.

6. Does the school provide before or after school care?

The school does not provide before or after school supervision or care. Students will be greeted at their outside classroom door in the morning. Please arrive as close to the bell as possible.

7. What does a typical day at school look like for my child?

After gradual entry is complete, your child will come for the full day from 8:48 AM to 3:00 PM. Kindergarten is a play-based program that allows for curiosity and discovery. Each parent will have the opportunity to meet their child’s teacher in the second week of September and learn about the plan for the year ahead. You can also ask questions during the meeting. Please also refer to the Welcome to Kindergarten Video as well as the PowerPoint for more information.

8. Which important dates do I need to be mindful of?

Please continue checking our school website for our updated calendar and time schedules.

9. Where can I find out more information about Cove Cliff and the School Plan? · Please go to the school website for up-to-date information. We urge you to take a few minutes to review our School Plan.

10. If our family moves or we decide not to come to Cove Cliff in September, what should I do? Once you have made a decision not to come to our school, please contact our office. If we are closed, please contact North Vancouver Central Registration. We wish you and your child all the best in your new adventure.

11. I have some great ideas for the school and want to volunteer. How do I get involved with the Parent Advisory Council (PAC)?

One of the best ways to be in the know about what is happening at school is to get involved. Please email the PAC Executive to get involved or lead a fundraiser or program.

12. Does the school have any advice for parents to help support a smoother start for our child in September?

Please refer to the package that was sent home or is on our web-site. There are some key items that you can do over the summer with your child. Please bring your child to the school to walk the grounds and play on the play structures. Have your child practice unpacking and making sure they are able to open lids and other items. Teach them which item is for recess and what is for lunch. Packing up and putting lunch away is also an important skill. Teach your child how to ask for help when needed. We also highly recommend that you child experience a public washroom. Some of the items mentioned may be challenging to practice due to COVID-19 restrictions.

 Information from Vancouver Coastal Health:

Welcome to Kindergarten Handout 2020.pdf


Active For Life-playbook-3-5.pdf

Canada's Food Guide.pdf


Helping Children and Teens Cope during COVID (2).pdf