Carson Graham Secondary
North Vancouver School District
DPA Information


*updated for the 2018/2019 school year  

DPA Requirement & Report​ing

Active, healthy students are happier, learn better and develop good habits that bring better chances of longer, healthier lives. To help students achieve this, the Ministry of Education requires Daily Physical Activity for all students in British Columbia.

DPA requirements for students in Grade 8, 9 and 10 will be met through their PE/Dance, CAS or NVSD Sports Academy classes (150 min/week). Students who are active in these classes do NOT need to submit any additional DPA documentation to the school as their PE commitment covers this. Likewise, Grade 12 students will report their DPA through their Grad Transitions class.

Students in Grade 11 must document and report 150 minutes per week of physical activity at a moderate to vigorous intensity as part of their Graduation Program. 

Grade 8 – 11 students NOT registered in a PE/Dance/CAS class at school or a NVSD Sports Academy class, must track their DPA hours and complete and submit an online "Daily Physical Activity (DPA) β€“ Confirmation of Student Achievement Form".  At the end of each term, the self-declaration form must be completed, verified by a parent and submitted electronically.


The online form will close on the designated dates below:

Term 1                         Dec. 11th, 2018

Term 2                         March 1st, 2019

Final Report                June 10th, 2019

Carson has a Google Form linked to our website to make DPA reporting easier. Parents are required to review and verify the submission once per term.

To access Carson Graham's "Daily Physical Activity (DPA) β€“ Confirmation of Student Achievement Form"


If preferred, the submission of a hard copy of a parent/guardian letter is acceptable. The letter must include the student's full name, type of activity the student was engaged in, a statement that the minimum hours were met for each term as well as the parent/guardian signature.

If either of these two approaches are submitted on time, the school will report that the student is "Meeting DPA Requirements" on the report card.

Unfortunately, students who do not submit the DPA Confirmation of Student Achievement Form or the letter by the deadline will have a comment on their report card indicating that they are "Not Meeting the DPA Requirements".

Students can request to be exempt from Daily Physical Activity for the following reasons: Physical Disability, Medical Conditions, Personal Circumstances. Student exemptions are granted in consultation with school administration.


For frequently asked questions about DPA go to: