Carson Graham Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Peak Performers

​​​​​​​What is Peak Performance?

Peak Performance is a district initiated program offered to Carson Graham students that allows students to pursue a personal peak performance activity in sports, dance, or fine arts at a regional, provincial and/or national level, while pursuing all Grade level curriculum requirements in their academic studies. The Peak Performance Program is a unique opportunity for select students who demonstrate a strong sense of commitment, independence, self-discipline and organization Students must show the ability to balance school and studies with an expected level of performance (C+ or higher) and their peak performance activities including training, fitness, and competition schedules. This select program is available only by application to students who meet the established program criteria. The students’ academic schedule is timetabled to allow them to attend their PEAK PERFORMANCE PROGRAM in Blocks 4 and/or 8. Students must apply, identifying their Peak Performance Area and meet all of the following criteria:

Ø Minimum of 15 Hours per week of specific training
Ø Minimum of C+ average or better, Satisfactory Work Habits (No failing grades or NI comments on previous  year’s report card)
Ø Competition at Provincial or National Level (based on External Performance Credentials/Criteria)
Ø Recommendation Letter of Coach/Person responsible for training identifying:
·         Total Number of training hours
·         Specific training/activities
·         Competition schedules
Ø Peak Performance Application Form and all necessary documents completed by applicant and   submitted in a timely manner
Ø Signature and Date of Approval of application by principal/or designate
NB: Individual eligibility will be partially determined by:
·         Level of competition
·         Student selection to a regional, provincial, national level
·         Feedback and recommendation of coach or mentor
·         School review of grades, progress and work habits
Team eligibility will be partially determined by:
·         Provincial sports governing organization established for elite player
·         External Credit Program of the BC Ministry of Education
·          Level of competition student selection to a regional, provincial, national level
·         Feedback 

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