Carson Graham Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Work Experience

Career Center is located in C104 beside the Library.

John Grant, Work Experience Teacher.


Holly Castle, Work Experience Facilitator.

604-903-3555 ext 803123


The Work Experience program provides students with the opportunity to test drive their occupation of choice in the real world. It contributes significantly to the student's understanding of the connection between school and work and provides students considering various careers with meaningful and relevant work experiences. Students who wish to explore their career options or who have already identified their career path are strongly encouraged to participate in the Work Experience program. Grade 11 and 12 students are able to register for the program.

Students enrolled in the Work Experience program are required to participate in 100 hours of work over the course of the year. Work may take place during school hours, during spring break, summer break or after school. Work experience hours may be earned through paid employment, if the area of employment is directly related to the student's focus area. Paid employment hours must be discussed and approved prior to the commencement of the work. Safety training and dissemination of information related to their Work Experience placement is discussed. To register for Work Experience students should select 'Work Experience (WEX12A) on their course selection sheet and enroll in the grade 11 and 12 course. Students enrolled in Work Experience do not lose an elective space.​

We get many students dropping by our Room in C104 looking for volunteer or paid positions.  There are many open houses, jobs (both volunteer and paid) on the Career board located on the first floor between the Library and the Eagle's Nest.  Make sure you pop over to have a look.  A job may be there for you!

Main reasons to enrol in Work Experience:
·         Provides an insight to career options
·         Allows students to network and broaden contacts for career/job after high school
·         Expands on a resume and cover letter
·         Explores employability skills
Some examples of work experience placements include:
·         RCMP Youth Academy
·         Art
·         Teaching
·         Hotel and Tourism
·         Trades Experiences: Electrician, Carpenter, Automotive Technician

WORK EXPERIENCE WEX12A or WEX12B (4 credits) 

This course can be taken as long as you are 14 years of age, so anyone in Grades 10-12.  Students are placed with local employers in positions that align with their interest and future career goals.  The community becomes the classroom where students gain experience in the workplace and are provided with a frame of reference to review or revise their career goals.  Through employer assessment, students receive valuable feedback about their employability skills and technical skills related to specific occupations.

Work Experience is comprised of pre-placement classroom assignments, placement activities including successful completion of 100 hours (minimum) at a community worksite(s), and post-placement assignments.  Work Experience Teachers and the Work Experience Facilitator will work with students individually and in small groups to assist students with choosing and obtaining relevant and meaningful placements.  More information can be obtained from

YOUTH WORK IN TRADES (formerly the Secondary School Apprenticeship Program)

Carson Graham Secondary School offers Youth Work in Trades in conjunction with the Industry Training Authority (ITA).  This program is designed for those students who are currently working part-time in a trade, under a certified Journey Person, or who know of someone who might hire them to work in a trade.  It is possible for students to earn up to 16 credits for this course.  Students can arrange their timetable to be here one day and on the job site one day.  Four credits are assigned for every 120 hours of work completed.  These hours are also counted towards the total number of hours needed to become a journeyman in their chose trade. More information can be found at :

Trades are not what they use to be and in high demand! If you are interested in seeing your hands-on child explore a trade, while in high school check out these sites: and/or  


If you do, we would welcome a call or email from you. We are always welcome to new jobs!  Contact Ms. Castle at or 604-903-3555.