Carson Graham Secondary
North Vancouver School District

Question 1: What are the prerequisites for a student interested in entering the IB Diploma Programme in Grade 11 at Carson Graham Secondary?

At Carson Graham Secondary, there is an Application Process for interested Grade 10 students. The process involves two components: a comprehensive application completed by prospective Grade 10 students in good academic standing in Grade 10, with a minimum overall average of 80% or MYP level 6 in academic courses. In addition, prospective students are invited to a group and individual interview. For application information and important dates, please go to Application Process.
Question 2: Is the IB Diploma Programme available only to top students? 

All students who meet the above-noted criteria are invited to apply to the IB Diploma Programme. We believe that most of our students are able to obtain an IB Diploma if they devote the necessary time in addition to their involvement in a variety of school and community activities.

Question 3: What are the requirements to obtain the IB Diploma? 

Students can take a variety of paths to obtain the IB Diploma. The IB Diploma Programme Coordinator will work with counsellors to help each interested student plan his or her course of studies in preparation for post-secondary. Diploma candidates will complete Internal and External Assessments and examinations in the six subject areas. Internal Assessments are assessed by Carson Graham Secondary teachers and moderated by external moderators, while external examinations are marked by IB examiners around the world.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the six core subject areas, students must also meet the core requirements of TOK, CAS and the EE. Please note that the May Examinations are set by IB, and the students must be available to write on the set dates.

Question 4: Do all students in the IB Diploma Programme generally earn the IB Diploma? 

Around the world, approximately eighty percent of the students who participate in the IB Diploma Programme earn the IB Diploma. In Canada, approximately 87% of Diploma Candidates receive the IB Diploma; and the numbers in British Columbia are even higher.  Approximately 89% of B.C. Diploma Candidates earn the IB Diploma. Those candidates who do not achieve the IB Diploma will receive IB Certificates for individual IB courses successfully completed, and they will graduate with the B.C. Ministry of Education Dogwood Diploma.

Question 5: How do students benefit from obtaining an IB Diploma? 

The intellectual rigour and high academic standards prepare students for higher education and assist them in the university admissions process. Most importantly, students gain a much deeper understanding of international affairs and diverse cultures. Additionally, colleges and universities see the curriculum as a rigorous, university-preparatory programme; so IB students are desirable candidates for university admissions and have a higher acceptance rate to top universities.

Question 6: What is the difference between IB and AP courses? 

That students take courses across a broad curriculum and that they complete the three core components distinguish the IB Diploma Programme from the collection of individual AP courses. Generally, students in AP take courses in subject areas in which they are successful.
In IB, students will experience courses that meet international standards across a broad, holistic curriculum. The courses and the core components will ensure that these students are well prepared regardless of where they decide to attend university, what they decide to study, and what they choose to pursue in their futures.

Students electing to take individual IB Certificate courses instead of pursuing Diploma requirements will receive certificates for the successful completion of each course studied. Many universities grant university credit for IB Certificates (similar to AP credit). Diploma candidates often have advantages in competing for university admission and scholarships; many universities, in fact, go so far as to grant second-year status for incoming IB Diploma recipients.  For more specific information, please go to Post-Secondary Information.

For additional questions, please contact us at 604.903.3555 or email Liz Thornhill or Jennifer Tieche.