Carson Graham Secondary
North Vancouver School District
The Extended Essay
"If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be research." (Albert Einstein)
The Extended Essay is an independent, culminating research project promoting high-level research and writing skills. Students choose a topic of interest from the list of approved Diploma Programme subjects. The Extended Essay allows them to demonstrate their attainment of all aspects of the IB Learner Profile. The aims of the essay are to pursue independent research on a focused topic, develop research and communication skills, develop the skills of creative and critical thinking, engage in a systematic process of research appropriate to the subject and experience the excitement of intellectual discovery.
IB Diploma candidates allot approximately 40 hours to their 4000 word Extended Essay. Under the guidance of the Extended Essay Coordinator and Teacher-Librarian, candidates choose a teacher-supervisor. To support students in the development of effective academic research practices, the EE Coordinator and teacher-supervisor offer direct instruction, critical feedback and ongoing support based on the criteria set forth in the Extended Essay Guide.

The marking scheme in use for the Extended Essay is as follows:

A ​(29-36)
​(23-29) ​Good
​C ​(16-22) Satisfactory
​(8-15) ​Mediocre
​E ​(0-7) ​Elementary

The essay is marked externally by an IBO examiner; the assigned grade is then applied, in conjunction with the Theory of Knowledge assessment, to the Diploma Points Matrix to generate a possible three addtional points to the student's total Diploms points earned.

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