Carson Graham Secondary
North Vancouver School District
CG Star Awards


Each month at Carson Graham, individual students of all grades who have displayed an attribute of the IB Learner Profile are recognized by the school. These students are the month's CG STARS! Each recipient receives a small gift, a recognition letter is sent home, their name is published on the school's website and they have their name displayed in the CG Star Awards display case so that they can be recognized by the entire student body. 
Congratulations to our most recent CG Star recipients!

Shana G
Nina S
Alex N
Zoe T
Leila M
Jarod F
Jewel J
Cassie B
Lizzie H
Jasmine M
Amaranta C
Earl B
Meghan I
Sean W
Braedan M
Alisha Q
Dana W
Leila M
Kayla M
Kat W
Cooper C
Emma D
Rob K
Bethanea C
Noam B
Selena S
Jessica T
Luke F
Rowan V
Catriona C
Ian M