Carson Graham Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Athletic Newsfeed
Tuesday, October 13th 2015
On October 13th the Carson Graham Senior Boys soccer played what has probably already been determined as one of the most exciting games of this season, against Sentinel Secondary School. Although, a slight delay in setting up and a slow warm-up lead to an awkward start, the boys picked up intensity just a few minutes in. Both sides played aggressively and this was noticeable throughout. Constant shots on goal from both teams made people on the bench and the coaches very excitable and kept them on the edge of their seats.
 The first goal was the result of a free kick from right outside the box. Conner Chalmers gave the ball a smooth boot right around the wall, gaining Carson Graham an advantage late in the first half. The second half was off to a quick start and Sentinel wasted no time trying to even the score. Sentinel scored with a quick chip over Carson’s goalie that bounced its way into the net. Both sides frantically pushed for another goal; the boys handled this pressure by making smart plays and proceeding to move the ball up the field. Carson defended incredibly well against an intense corner kick in their half. The team showed a lot of skill, especially the international students this year; Rodrigo and Andreas “are very promising players”- said Gordie Scott, the coach. Mr. Scott has 42 years of experience coaching on the North Shore and is also a former teacher of Carson Graham.
 Consisting of 16 boys, Carson Graham’s Soccer Team has very competitive tryouts each season, many get cut in order to ensure the best possible players are put forward. However, skill level is not only what the coach considers. Returning players are expected to have shown a high level of commitment and encourage a positive sports environment for all if they have played for the team before.
Both teams tried to gain an advantage desperately as the final minutes came about which lead to some close calls on the field. Sentinel managed to get the ball in the back of the net…luckily for Carson, Sentinel’s forwards were called offside. Since neither side was able to score again the game concluded with a shootout. Carson Graham won 5 to 4 after four rounds of penalty kicks. An ecstatic team ran over to congratulate the goalie Mark Lundun after he made the final save and gained the advantage. Mark pushed on throughout the game and made daring saves, although he suffered a shoulder injury.
In a nutshell, Carson deserved the win. Both teams were on their toes from start to finish, ultimately the energy Carson had all over held off Sentinels offence. Come out and show support at the next game on Thursday the 22nd at Cleveland against Handsworth Secondary. Kick off at 4 o’clock.


Tuesday, September 29th 2015

The Carson Graham Junior Girls' Volleyball Team concluded their second successful exhibition game against Collingwood on Tuesday, September 29th. With the start up of the 2015/16 school year the team is eager to prepare for the upcoming season.

The game on Tuesday was easily won by the third set, with persistent cross court attack from the team's leading left sides Alex, Chloe and Milica. Strong serves and excellent communication between players really made the difference and Carson gained an early lead and kept this momentum going throughout. Not to mention, Carson has one of the tallest teams on the shore, with three of the girls six feet and over setting them apart from many other U16 girls.    

Currently holding the title on the North Shore, a promising season is expected from Carson. Many of the girls are actively involved with club and academy volleyball outside school which is apparent in the team dynamic. Coached by Capilano University's assistant men's volleyball coach, Ben Rickets, everyone showed commitment and spirit on and off the court.

On conclusion of the game, the girls set an outstanding example for Carson's U15 volleyball team who observed closely from the bleachers alongside at least 50 Carson parents and students who came out to show support for the team. All of the girls agreed they were "Thankful for the positive comments" and encouragement as Lucy #5 said.

 All in all, a positive start to the season for Carson Graham. League games commence on Thursday, October 8th at 6pm at Seycove Secondary. Be sure to come out and show support.