Carson Graham Secondary
North Vancouver School District

Fee schedules are established by principals, in consultation with staff, student and parent groups, and provided to the Superintendent for review. As per Board Policy 706, the Superintendent of Schools reviews annually the schedule of student fees for all schools, and provides this schedule to Trustees for information.  Carson Graham Secondary's fee schedule was approved by the Board in December 2015.

This year we encourage you to pay your child's fees online by e-transfer or credit card. 

Online payments can be made at:

Student Activity Fee - $45

As per the recommendation of the School District Fees Task Force, schools may charge a Student Activity Fee to support student activities, student agenda books, student awards and recognition, special events and assemblies.

Graduation Fee - $30.00

This fee covers the cost of rental of graduation gowns, graduation portfolio, and certificates presented at the Graduation Ceremony.

PAC STEAM Donation - $50 (tax deductible) (optional) Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM)

A goal of the Carson PAC is to increase the learning experiences and opportunities for our students beyond what is available to school budgets. We fulfill this mandate by the many fund raising efforts we sponsor and through the generous, tax receiptable donations we receive from parents and the community.  Income tax receipts are issued by the School Board Office.    Donate online here ( and select Carson Graham – PAC from the Fund Destination drop down menu.Thank you for all of your support.

PAC Bursary Donation - $25 (tax deductible) (optional)

From this generous donation Scholarships are given to selected Grade 12 students. Donate online here ( and select Carson Graham – PAC from the Fund Destination drop down menu.

Yearbook Fee - $50 (optional) 

The receipt of payment determines the number of books ordered in January.  Extra books are not available in June.

Supplemental Fees - by course

In accordance with the School Act, all students at Carson Graham Secondary receive free of charge an educational program sufficient to meet the general requirements for graduation.  In accordance with the School Board Fees Order, supplemental fees may be charged for goods and services associated with optional enrichment activities and take home items that extend learning outcomes for students beyond the basic educational program. Supplemental fees are published in the Course Programming Guide available online.

Workbooks - by course

Where students are required to use workbooks in order to meet the course/subject learning outcomes and/or for assessment, workbooks will be provided free of charge.  Students may have the opportunity to purchase workbooks that are suggested for optional, supplemental "practice" and are not marked as part of the students' assessments.  Purchase of these workbooks is completely optional as they are not required for successful completion of the courses' learning outcomes.  These workbooks are available for purchase at cost from the school.

International Students

Due to fees already paid at the District level, the Student Activity Fee is waived. Supplemental fees for courses not needed to graduate (Home Ec, Photography) apply.

Textbook Policy

Students are assigned textbooks by the subject teacher. There is no rental fee charged; however, a student who loses or damages a textbook will be assessed a replacement or damage fee. Students must return the textbook assigned to them. Textbooks are numbered. At distribution time, teachers record the number and students sign a textbook record sheet in receipt and acknowledgement. Students must record their textbook name and number on the form included in their agenda book for their own records. Refunds will be given only if lost textbooks are found and returned by the first week of July. 

Student invoices will be available on line October 12 for fees owing for the current school year.  A refund will be issued when a student withdraws from Carson Graham Secondary provided all withdrawal procedures are completed and all books/materials are handed in. Refund of fees paid will be prorated up until the end of January. After that time, there will be no refund of supplemental fees. If a refund is due to a student whose sibling has outstanding fees, the refund will first be applied to the sibling's outstanding fees. 

Note: $25.00 will be charged for NSF cheques.

Fee Waiver

Should you wish to complete a fee waiver application form due to financial hardship, please contact the main office.