École Argyle Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Daily Physical Activity (DPA)
Daily Physical Activity (DPA)
2018/2019 Deadlines for Handing in DPA Forms
(Forms must be returned before these dates in order to be included on the term report card.)

Term 1: Friday, November 23rd by 3 p.m.
Term 2: Friday, February 22nd by 3 p.m.
Term 3: Friday, June 7th by 3 p.m.

Who needs to complete the form:

  • All Students in Grades 11 and 12 who are not active in an Argle PE class or District Sports Academy.
  • Grade 12's hand in to their Graduation Transitions teacher, grade 11's to the main office.
  • (DPA forms for Grades 8, 9, and 10 are no longer required.)

The Form

We know that active, healthy students are happier and learn better. They also develop good habits that can contribute to longer, healthier lives. To help students achieve their best, the Ministry of Education has implemented Daily Physical Activity (DPA), for all schools and students in B.C.​

The British Columbia Ministry of Education (MOE) requires students in grades11 and 12 to complete 150 minutes per week of physical activity, at a moderate to vigorous intensity.  The requirement to report Daily Physical Activity is meant to help promote a healthy and active lifestyle. 

What Students need to know about the Daily Physical Requirement

Students' DPA achievement will be reported in each of the three school report cards during the school year and will simply state that a student is "meeting" or "not-meeting" the DPA requirement set by the MOE. Grade 12 students will report DPA through their Grad transition class by handing this form into their Grad Trans. teacher each term.  ​Grade 11 students hand in to the main office. Students in an Argyle PE Class or North Vancouver Sports Academy do not need to submit as their Academy teacher will report  DPA.   

The easiest way for students / parents to report DPA to the school is using the form entitled, 2018-2019 DPA Form. Please print a copy and complete all areas of the form.​

Guiding Principles:
  • This is a socially responsible program, shared by the school, family and community, aimed at student health and learning 
  • Schools will encourage and offer a variety of opportunities for students to meet the DPA requirement, but opportunities and responsibilities for many other activities reside with the family and community 
  • Participation in PE Classes is one way to meet the required minutes, but it is still recommended for students to engage in DPA on non-PE days.
Some Suggestions to Assist Your Child in Meeting the DPA Requirement:
  • ​If you need to complete the form, it is highly recommended that the student creates and keeps a daily log of activity.  Logs help increase personal accountability.  
  • Discuss with your child why he/she is not participating and/or documenting activities 
  • Reinforce the importance of physical activity through discussion and example 
  • Consider the time your child spends with T.V., computers and video games, and encourage him or her to be physically active 
  • Take advantage of opportunities for DPA available at the school - outside of PE students can participate in extracurricular teams and clubs and intramural sports.
  • Develop a plan to increase your child’s activity, including such things as school and community facilities, walking or cycling to and from school, individual or family recreational pursuits, dance, household chores requiring physical activity (mowing, shoveling, etc.) structured and unstructured sports and activities, etc.