École Argyle Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Principal's Message



Welcome Pipers!

On behalf of the staff at Argyle it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2018-2019 school year! I would like to extend a special welcome to grade 8 students, their parents, and those of you joining us for the first time. I hope that all of you have had an enjoyable summer and had time to connect with family and friends. Although the start of the school year means an end to summer holidays, it is also a new beginning. It is a time of new opportunities and new challenges. September brings a host of new routines and structures that help us in our quest for knowledge, skills and attitudes that are part of a life-long journey of learning.

I’m very excited about my new position as Principal of Argyle. I know that the Argyle community (students, staff and parents) is an excellent and caring community to be a part of. I look forward to continuing to build upon the tradition of excellence in all forms of learning. I encourage all students to plan to become involved in the many learning opportunities available to them, both inside and outside the classroom. We are fortunate to be able to offer a large variety of courses, as well as numerous extra-curricular activities.

This September marks the implementation of the new grade 10 curriculum. The new grade 11 & 12 curriculum will officially be launched in September 2019, however many of our staff are already including pieces of the curricula in their courses. We will continue to work on the implementation of the grade 8 & 9 curriculum which was introduced last year. This redesign is exciting! It emphasizes the importance of developing our students’ competencies in communication, creative/critical thinking as well as personal and social awareness. If you would like to learn more about the new curriculum or grad program, you can visit the Ministry of Education's website at https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/.

As I’m sure you have noticed the construction of the new Argyle Secondary is well underway. A large amount of fencing has gone up around the site. Please do not trespass into the secure, fenced-off areas, nor attempt to climb over or under any fencing. Any personal items lost inside the fencing should be reported to the front office. Also, please be aware that there are areas of the school property no longer accessible due to the fencing, including some trails into the school. Students may have to change their route to and from school.

The targeted completion date for the new school building is Summer 2020 in time for the return of students in the Fall 2020. To learn about Capital Project Updates visit: https://www.sd44.ca/Board/CapitalPlanProjects/CapitalProjectsUpdates/Argyle/Pages/default.aspx.

Argyle has a committed Parent Advisory Committee that meets each month. I would like to invite parents out to our first Parent Advisory Committee meetng on Wednesday, September 12th at 7 pm in the library. PAC meetings are a great way to connect with other parents in the community and find out what is going on in the school.

Finally, I would also like to welcome a few new people to our Argyle staff:

  • Ms. Blewman - Learning Support Teacher
  • Ms. Chow - Digital Media, Yearbook, Photo Teacher
  • Mr. Crowley - Vice Principal
  • Ms. Filer - Education Assistant
  • Ms. Hurtado-Artiga - Education Assistant
  • Ms. Klaussen - Science Teacher
  • Ms. Langlois - French Immersion Teacher & Library
  • Ms. McIntosh - Social Studies Teacher (returning from leave)
  • Ms. Owens - Supervision Aide
  • Mr. Sache - French Immersion Teacher
  • Ms. Sasges - French Immersion, French, and Socials Teacher

At the time of this newsletter we have one math teacher to hire prior to the start of school.

In closing, I know I speak for the entire staff when I convey to you that we are very excited and enthusiastic about the coming year and look forward to working in, and with, the Argyle Learning Community.


Kim Jonat