École Argyle Secondary
North Vancouver School District
Latest Happenings and Accomplishments


Youth & Philanthropy Initiative

YPI 2020.jpg

Congratulations to Sarah for helping Argyle to reach a new milestone of $50,000 raised for local charities through the Youth & Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) as part of the Careers 10 program. YPI is a global program that provides youth with the opportunity to become involved in learning about and supporting charities in their local community.  Students research, interview, and present on a local charity that they would like to advocate for.  The winning group at the finals receives a $5,000 grant for their local North Shore charity. This year’s $5,000 grant will go to support the North Shore Community Resources Society.

Our Gymnastics Team are Provincial Champions!

Gymnastics Provincials 2020 1.jpg

Gymnastics Provincials 2020 2.jpg

Gymnastics Provincials 2020 Merged 1.jpg

Gymnastics Provincials 2020 Merged 2.jpg

Gymnastics Provincials 2020 Merged 3.jpg

Lots of individual awards and team awards: Girls Level 4 - First Place Trophy; Boys Level 1 - First Place Trophy; Women's Artistic Gymnastics - First Place Trophy; Men's Artistic Gymnastics - First Place Trophy; and BC Provincial Champions!

Paper-based Pop-up Installation Artwork by the Art Studio 11-12 Class

Art Installation Merged 1.jpg

Art Installation Merged 2.jpg

Art Installation March 2020 1.jpg

Art Installation Merged 3.jpg

Art Installation 2020 7 Merged.jpg

Art Installation March 2020 Banner.jpg

Art Installation March 2020 4.jpg

Our students have collaborated, created and installed paper based artwork around the inside of the school. Each artwork is changed and rotated weekly for four weeks and includes an artist statement next to the art. The last installation will continue through March 12th. 

Backcountry Skiing at Garibaldi

Outdoor Ed Backcountry Skiing 2020 1.jpg

Outdoor Ed Backcountry Skiing 2020 Merged 1.jpg

Outdoor Ed Backcountry Skiing 2020 4.jpg

Outdoor Ed Backcountry Skiing 2020 Merged 2.jpg

Outdoor Ed Backcountry Skiing 2020 Banner.jpg

Outdoor Ed Backcountry Skiing 2020 5.jpg

Outdoor Ed students had an incredible day at Red Heather meadows in Diamond Head - Garibaldi for an intro to backcountry skiing and avalanche safety. Fresh snow and beautiful sunshine!

Ski and Snowboard Team North Shore Championship in Whistler

Ski and Snoboard North Shore Championships 2020 Merged.jpg

Ski and Snoboard North Shore Championships 2020 3.jpg

Ski and Snoboard North Shore Championships 2020 Merged 2.jpg

Ski and Snoboard North Shore Championships 2020 Banner.jpg

Argyle’s Ski and Snowboard Team had a number of top finishers at the North Shore Championships in Whistler. Eleanor and Tyson both came in third in the Snowboard race and Fiona came in first overall in the Girls North Shore Finals Giant Slalom. Congratulations and bravo Argyle!

Kiwanis Jazz Festival

Kiwanis Jazz Festival 2020 1.jpg

Kiwanis Jazz Festival 2020 2.jpg

Kiwanis Jazz Festival 2020 Banner.jpg

The Senior Jazz Band had a fantastic performance at the Kiwanis Jazz Festival today. The students took on an exceptionally challenging set of music and did a phenomenal job in concert. The group received a Gold Standing at the festival, received the Charter Member's Scholarship for the "most inspiring jazz band performance", an invitation to participate in MusicFest Canada and an invitation for the Senior Jazz to perform at the Sounds of Youth Stage during the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival. You can find a recording of their performance here: https://soundcloud.com/user-583327631/sets/2020jb3_argyle-secondary-school_dchan/s-R120Z

Outdoor Ed Seymour Snowshoe/Winter Survival Trip

OE Seymour 2020 2.jpg

OE Seymour 2020 1.jpg

OE Seymour 2020 3.jpg

OE Seymour 2020 4.jpg

OE Seymour 2020 5.jpg

OE Seymour 2020 Banner.jpg

The Outdoor Ed class had a fun afternoon at Mount Seymour. We went for a snowshoe around the trails and then students practiced their survival skills by building winter shelters.

Co-op 11/12 Toured Seaspan

Co Op Seaspan Visit Jan 2020 1.jpg

Co Op Seaspan Visit Jan 2020 Banner.jpg

Our co-op students learned about the many trades working at Seaspan - welders, shipfitters, mechanics/engine fitters, painters, labourers, machinists, electricians, pipefitters, riggers, crane operators, joiners, stagers, and sandblasters.

Band and Choir 9/10 Trip to Vernon

Vernon 2020 1.jpg

Vernon 2020 2.jpg

Vernon 2020 Banner.jpg

Our Band 9 & Choir 9/10 classes had another fantastic trip to Vernon!

The students performed in five different elementary schools. One of the schools has recently in the CBC News as they've been trying to collect old instruments and start their own band program! (https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/vernon-school-collecting-used-instruments-to-start-band-1.5303252) This trip has allowed our students to inspire this younger generation through song and music.

Outdoor Ed Snowshoes Grouse

January 2020 OE Snowshoeing 1.jpg

January 2020 OE Snowshoeing 2.jpg

January 2020 OE Snowshoeing 3.jpg

January 2020 OE Snowshoeing Banner.jpg

January 2020 OE Snowshoeing 4.jpg

The Outdoor Ed class had a great snowshoe up Grouse. The rain eased off and the sun came out by the time we made it to the Dam Mountain lookout!

Salvation Army Kettle Campaign

Kettle bell 2019 1.jpg

Kettle bell 2019 2.jpg

Kettle bell 2019 3.jpg

Kettle drive 2019 Banner.jpg

Kettle bell 2019 4.jpg

Argyle's grade 10's have traditionally done a volunteer assignment this time of year in Planning/Careers 10, which entails volunteering between 2-4 hours with a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to help those less fortunate and in need of assistance. Students have the option to choose from many different volunteer activities, and many students choose the Salvation Army Kettle Campaign (the proceeds of which go directly to helping those in need in our local community).  Our grade 10's will contribute over 200 hours collectively to the campaign this year.  

Outdoor Ed at Climb Base5

Outdoor Ed Climb Base 5 2019 2.jpg

Outdoor Ed Climb Base 5 2019 Banner.jpg

Outdoor Ed Climb Base 5 2019 1.jpg

Outdoor Ed Climb Base 5 2019 3.jpg

Outdoor Ed Visits Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Station 2 at Lynnwood Marina

Outdoor Ed SAR Base 2019 1.jpg

Outdoor Ed SAR Base 2019 3.jpg

Outdoor Ed SAR Base 2019 4.jpg

Outdoor Ed SAR Base 2019 5.jpg

Outdoor Ed SAR Base 2019 Banner.jpg

Outdoor Ed SAR Base 2019 6.jpg

Outdoor Ed visited RCM SAR Station 2 North Vancouver at Lynnwood Marina.  Our students got to meet some of the team members, check out the rescue boats, learn about marine search & rescue, and practice some firefighting & first aid skills.

Junior Girl's Field Hockey

Junior Girls Field Hockey 2019.jpg

The Junior Field Hockey season came to an end, finishing second to a a very skilled Handsworth team. The score was more lopsided then the actual play as we definitely carried (at least) 50% of the play in their end. The girls were the first team to score on Handsworth this season as they previously had not surrendered a goal. It was a great season - they all had fun together!

Outdoor Ed trip to Garibaldi

Outdoor Ed Garibaldi Sept 2019 1.jpg

Outdoor Ed Garibaldi Sept 2019 2.jpg

Outdoor Ed Garibaldi Sept 2019 3.jpg

Outdoor Ed Garibaldi Sept 2019 4.jpg

Outdoor Ed Garibaldi Sept 2019 Banner.jpg

Outdoor Ed Garibaldi Sept 2019 5.jpg

The Outdoor Education 11-12 class had an incredible trip to Garibaldi Lake & Panorama Ridge. Thirty two kms of back-country travel, and 1500 metres of elevation gain (much of that carrying heavy packs full of camping gear) is no easy feat.  

For many of the students, this was their first back-country camping experience (and for a few, their first time ever camping). 

We managed to set up camp before the rain started. It poured rain the first night, but the skies cleared the next morning and the sun came out for our hike to Panorama Ridge on day 2. Temperatures dropped the second night and we woke up to snow, and hiked out in the snow until it turned to rain part-way down. Just the right amount of adversity to make it a challenge and a memorable trip.