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Latest Happenings and Accomplishments


Dragon's Den Challenge

Dragon's Den 2019 1.jpg

Dragon's Den 2019 3.jpg

Dragon's Den 2019 4.jpg

Dragon's Den 2019 2.jpg

Dragon's Den 2019 5.jpg

Mrs. Almeida's Entrepreneurship & Marketing 10 class participated in a Dragon's Den challenge this year for their final project. Business leaders in our community came out to be our panel judges (dragons) and to award the best business ideas to the top three groups.

1st place - Planet Vegan (vegan food truck)
2nd place - Generations (companionship service for the elderly)
3rd place - Smart Start Tutoring (tutoring service)

"I feel that the dragons den project will be one to remember not only because we won but because it was a really cool experience to be evaluated in such a different way. I had never had to present a project on a stage in front of people who were judging you, it was definitely nerve racking but totally worth it and it was fun to have a little bit of friendly competition." Abby (gr 10)

"I have learned a lot about having confidence in my ideas and having enough passion to turn those ideas into actions. This is very important as it is a leading component in the difference between succeeding and failing in the business world. I learned this skill through our Dragon’s Den Final Project. My group and I had to push through any challenges and keep that first spark of excitement about our idea with us through the whole project, right until the presentation to the judges. Not only did we learn about the fundamental factors of business, providing a solid foundation for future business studies, we also gained so many unique skill sets." (Emma Gr 10)

Thank you to our community business leaders (Ms Guthrie, Mr. Ward and Mr. Miura) and to Mr. Wong for judging our groups. You had some great questions for the students and gave valuable feedback on their presentations. Also to Mr. Featherstone for letting us use the Drama room.

Marketing Students Sales Challenge Raises Funds for Girl's Education in Ghana

Marketing 11-12 Fundraiser 2019 1.jpg

Marketing 11-12 Fundraiser 2019 2.jpg

Marketing 11-12 Fundraiser 2019 3.jpg

Marketing 11-12 Fundraiser 2019 5.jpg

Marketing 11-12 Fundraiser 2019 4.jpg

Marketing 11-12 Fundraiser 2019 Banner.jpg

Thank you to all of the students and staff who came out and supported Mrs. Almeida's Marketing 11/12 class as they were a part of a selling challenge to raise money for girl's education in Ghana through Create Change. The students were able to raise enough money to send TWO girls to school next year. The waffle group (WaffleStreet) won this challenge beating the freezies group (Freezie Fellas) by 65 cents. Thank you to Mr. Kelsch and Ms. Avefjall who were our panel judges for their final evaluation. Good job Pipers!

Mountain Biking Provincials

Mountain Biking Provincials 2019 1.jpg

Mountain Biking Provincials 2019 2.jpg

Mountain Biking Provincials 2019 3.jpg

Mountain Biking Provincials 2019 Banner.jpg

No amount of heavy rain and seas of mud could deter the Piper mountain bike riders from performing well at the BC’s. We came home with four medals! Foremost, Olivia captured 1st in both the Senior girls’ cross-country  AND enduro events, which earned her the ‘Queen of the Mountain’ trophy. Aaron fought off fierce completion in senior boys cross country to place second in the province. Finally, Jack blazed through a deep competitive field of 65 riders in Juvenile boys to pick up a bronze in cross country. Congratulations to all riders for their enthusiasm and exemplary sportsmanship.

Leadership and PE Camping and Rafting in Squamish

Leadership Squamish 2019 1.jpg

Leadership Squamish 2019 2.jpg

Leadership Squamish 2019 3.jpg

Leadership Squamish 2019 6.jpg

Leadership Squamish 2019 7.jpg

Leadership Squamish 2019 5.jpg

Leadership Squamish 2019 Banner.jpg

Our Leadership/PE classes spent a couple of days camping, rafting, hiking and exploring in Squamish. The group had an absolute blast rafting the Elaho, competing in an Amazing Race, visiting Squamish Lilwat Cultural Centre and Lost Lake, and hiking the Chief in Squamish.

Senior Girls' Rugby

Sr Girls Rugby Provincials 2019.jpg

Congratulations to our Senior Girls' Rugby team for qualifying for the provincials. The final game was a very intense contest and both teams played their heart out. They have created a strong foundation for the future of the program!

Outdoor Ed Kayaking to Granite Falls

OEd Granite Falls 2019 1.jpg

OEd Granite Falls 2019 2.jpg

OEd Granite Falls 2019 3.jpg

OEd Granite Falls 2019 4.jpg

OEd Granite Falls 2019 Banner.jpg

The Outdoor Ed 11-12 class had a great kayak camping trip from Deep Cove to Granite Falls in Indian Arm.

Senior Ultimate North Shore Finals

Senior Ultimate North Shore's 2019 1.jpg

Senior Ultimate North Shore's 2019 2.jpg

Senior Ultimate North Shore's 2019 Banner.jpg

Big congrats to the Senior Ultimate team for their major win against Sutherland at Regionals.  After a hard fought season, the team came out on top, taking the banner for the first time in 10 years!  With outstanding playing by the team, they’re off to Provincials!  Congratulations!

Race #5 at Lost Lake in Whistler

Mountain Biking Whistler 2019 1.jpg

Mountain Biking Whistler 2019 3.jpg

Mountain Biking Whistler 2019 Banner.jpg

Mountain Biking Whistler 2019 2.jpg

Mountain Biking Whister 2019 4.jpg

Our juvenile boys team cinched their league title with three top eight finishes. Next is the North Shore Championships in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve.

Kiwanis Band and Orchestra Festival

Kiwanis Festival 2019 2.jpg

Kiwanis Festival 2019 2.jpg

Kiwanis Festival 2019 Banner.jpg

Musicians from our Concert Band attended the Kiwanis Concert Band & Orchestra Festival where they received a gold standing and an invitation to Music Fest Canada. This is the first year Argyle has participated in the Concert Band & Orchestra Festival in many years (The Jazz Festival has been an annual occurrence), and we are extremely proud to have had such good representation on our first appearance at the event! Bravo musicians!

Sleep Out for Covenant House

Covenenant House Sleepout 2019 1.jpg

Covenenant House Sleepout 2019 2.jpg

Covenenant House Sleepout 2019 3.jpg

Covenenant House Sleepout 2019 Banner.jpg

Some of our Social Justice and Leadership students slept on cardboard in the Argyle Courtyard to raise money and awareness for youth experiencing homelessness. These Leadership and Social Justice students raised over $3,200 for Covenant House. They spent the night without mattresses and pillows and had meaningful discussions on the experience.

Law Class Mock Trial at the Courthouse

Mock Trial 2019 1.jpg

Mock Trial 2019 2.jpg

Mock Trial 2019 3.jpg

Mock Trial 2019 4.jpg

Mock Trial 2019 5.jpg

Mock Trial 2019 Banner.jpg

The Argyle Law class performed their mock trial as their culmination of studying criminal law. Students spent over a month preparing and researching the case and preparing for their roles as lawyers, judge, witnesses, court clerk, sheriff and jurors.  Well done to all students involved!

Winter Survival Challenge

Outoor Ed Survival Challenge 2019 1.jpg

Outoor Ed Survival Challenge 2019 2.jpg

Outoor Ed Survival Challenge 2019 3.jpg

Outoor Ed Survival Challenge 2019 4.jpg

Outoor Ed Survival Challenge 2019 Banner.jpg

The Outdoor Ed class had a great time doing the Winter Survival Challenge and building snow shelters up Mount Seymour.

Snowshoeing at Grouse Mountain

OE Snowshoeing March 2019 1.jpg

OE Snowshoeing March 2019 2.jpg

OE Snowshoeing March 2019 3.jpg

OE Snowshoeing March 2019 4.jpg

OE Snowshoeing March 2019 Banner.jpg

The Outdoor Ed 11-12 class had a great time snowshoeing up Grouse Mountain. It was a beautiful bluebird day!

Cross-country skiing with Outdoor Ed

Outdoor Ed 2019 X Country Skiing 1.jpg

Outdoor Ed 2019 X Country Skiing 2.jpg

Outdoor Ed 2019 X Country Skiing 3.jpg

Outdoor Ed 2019 X Country Skiing Banner.jpg

It was sunshine and fresh snow today for the Outdoor Education 11-12 class, cross-country skiing up Cypress Mountain.  What a great time!

Wrestling Zone Qualifiers

Wrestling 2019 Zone Qualifiers 1.jpg

Wrestling 2019 Zone Qualifiers 2.jpg

Wrestling 2019 Zone Qualifiers 3.jpg

Wrestling 2019 Zone Qualifiers 4.jpg

The Argyle wrestlers were extremely successful at the zone qualifiers. Ali led the team, finishing first place in a thrilling heavyweight match. Andrew and Kathleen finished second place in hard fought matches. Argyle's other provincial qualifiers were Emily, Benson and Martin.

2019 Vernon Tour

2019 Grade 9 Music Tour 1.jpg

2019 Grade 9 Music Tour 2.jpg

2019 Grade 9 Music Tour 3.jpg

2019 Grade 9 Music Tour 4.jpg

2019 Grade 9 Music Tour Banner.jpg

On Jan 16-18, students in Band 9/10 and Choir 9/10 went on a 3-day tour to Vernon, B.C. The students performance in 5 incredible concerts at different local elementary schools and went tubing/skating at the Silverstar Mountain.

Accounting 12 students visited Ernst and Young

Accounting 12 Ernst and Young 2018 2.jpg

Accounting 12 Ernst and Young 2018 3.jpg

Accounting 12 Ernst and Young 2018 1.jpg

Accounting 12 Ernst and Young 2018 Banner.jpg

The Accounting 12 students were invited by Ernst and Young to their corporate offices in downtown Vancouver. The students were given a tour of their offices, a presentation of their company and an overview of their internship program. Staff and interns from Ernest and Young spoke to the students about their intern experience, their education and the skills required to become a CPA. Two of their current staff, Cole and Katie, are Argyle grads.  Way to go ARGYLE PIPERS...our future business prospects!

Senior Boys Volleyball came 8th at the BC AAA Provincials!

Sr Boys Volleyball Provincials 2018 2.jpg

Sr Boys Volleyball Provincials 2018 1.jpg

Sr Boys Volleyball Provincials 2018 3.jpg

Sr Boys Volleyball Provincials 2018 4.jpg

Sr Boys Volleyball Provincials 2018 Banner.jpg

Congratulations to the Senior Boys Volleyball team for placing 8th at the BC Boys Provincial Championships!  Getting knocked out by #3 ranked Claremont, whose starting 6 had an average height of 6’5, the Pipers did us proud this season making it all the way to the quarterfinals in this 20 team tournament. Huge, huge shout out to Provincial All-star Brendan. We are so proud of you!

Outdoor Ed Bouldering at the Hive

Outdoor Ed Bouldering 1.jpg

Outdoor Ed Bouldering 2.jpg

Outdoor Ed Bouldering 3.jpg

Outdoor Ed Bouldering 4.jpg

Outdoor Ed Bouldering 5.jpg

"Bouldering is a form of rock climbing that is performed on small rock formations or artificial rock walls, known as boulders, without the use of ropes or harnesses."

Outdoor Ed at ClimbBase5

Outood Ed 2018 Indoor Rock Climbing 1.jpg

Outood Ed 2018 Indoor Rock Climbing 2.jpg

Outood Ed 2018 Indoor Rock Climbing 3.jpg

Outood Ed 2018 Indoor Rock Climbing 4.jpg

Outood Ed 2018 Indoor Rock Climbing 5.jpg

The Outdoor Education 11-12 class had a great time indoor rock climbing at ClimbBase5.

Marketing 11/12 Visits Whistler

Marketing 11-12 Whistler 2018 2.jpg

Marketing 11-12 Whistler 2018 1.jpg

Marketing 11-12 Whistler 2018 3.jpg

Marketing 11-12 Whistler 2018 Banner.jpg

The Marketing 11/12 classes had an amazing opportunity to visit Whistler this year. The students learned about Brand Discovery, Awareness vs Tactical Marketing, Content delivery, Tourism pollution and more.  Alan Kristmanson, the director of marketing for Whistler Golf, was the main speaker. Alan played basketball for Team Canada in 1988 Summer Games in Seoul, Korea.

Outdoor Ed Visits Marine Search and Rescue and North Shore Rescue Base

Outdoor Ed Marine Search and Rescue 1.jpg

Outdoor Ed Marine Search and Rescue 2.jpg

Outdoor Ed Marine Search and Rescue 3.jpg

Outdoor Ed NS Rescue 1.jpg

Outdoor Ed NS Rescue 2.jpg

Outdoor Ed NS Rescue 3.jpg

Outdoor Ed NS Rescue and Marine Search and Rescue Banner.jpg

The Outdoor Ed class recently completed some excellent field trips to the North Shore Rescue base and the Marine Search & Rescue (RCM-SAR) base to get an introduction to search & rescue, and learn some basic rescue skills.

Outdoor Education at Garibaldi Lake & Panorama Ridge

OE Garibaldi Panorama 2018 1.jpg

OE Garibaldi Panorama 2018 2.jpg

OE Garibaldi Panorama 2018 3.jpg

OE Garibaldi Panorama 2018 4.jpg

OE Garibaldi Panorama 2018 Banner.jpg

OE Garibaldi Panorama 2018 5.jpg

The Outdoor Education 11-12 class had an incredible trip to Garibaldi Lake & Panorama Ridge. These are memories that will last them a lifetime, and experiences that will shape their character in profound ways. It was very impressive with how well the students all did - 32 kms of back-country travel (much of that carrying their packs full of camping gear) is no easy feat.  And for many of them, this was their first back-country camping trip.  To complete a trip like this is a significant accomplishment. 


Business Ed 10 Dragon's Den Final Project

Dragson's Den 2018 1.jpg

Dragson's Den 2018 2.jpg

Dragson's Den 2018 5.jpg

Dragson's Den 2018 4.jpg

Dragson's Den 2018 Banner.jpg

The Business Ed 10 class participated in a Dragon's Den final project. This year we had five panel judges from the business community come and be the Dragons. The students came up with some unique business ideas for the Lynn Valley Area and was a great experience!

First place went to:

Period 5: Rolling Dough Pizza food truck.

Period 8: Melting Point Popsicles food truck.

Second place:

Sunrise Cafe, Heads & Tails Cafe

Third place:

Magical Mountain, North Shore Tech Supply

Choices Canoeing Day

Choices Canoeing 2018 1.jpg

Choices Canoeing 2018 Banner.jpg

Choices Canoeing 2018 2.jpg

Choices Canoeing 2018 3.jpg

Choices Canoeing 2018 4.jpg

Choices students canoed over to Belcarra with Outward Bound to investigate the inter-tidal ecosystem and edible plants. They also practiced their canoeing skills.

Food Truck Challenge 2018 1.jpg

Food Truck Challenge 2018 2.jpg

Food Truck Challenge 2018 3.jpg

The grade 9 - 12 food and nutrition students have been exploring food trucks for their final project. Each group in the class was responsible for coming up with a food truck idea and a menu. They then had to create one menu item for a group of judges who scored them on creativity, presentation and taste. All of the students had fun and the judges loved all the yummy creations.

"Exp'eau" with Ross Road

French Immersion Expo 2018 1.jpg

French Immersion Expo 2018 Banner.jpg

French Immersion Expo 2018 2.jpg

Ms. Wakefield's Fral 10 students presented their projects on water to Grade 6 and 7 Ross Road students. The topics chosen by each group were varied: “the benefits of water”, the history of water”, “how much water do animals need to consume”, etc. The activities ranged from Power Point presentations, games, puppet shows, and videos. The goal of the project was to learn facts about water and to raise awareness of the role of water in our world, emphasizing its importance for survival and ways to preserve it.

Outdoor Ed Day Trip to Whistler

Outdoor Ed Day Trip to Whistler 3.jpg

Outdoor Ed Day Trip to Whistler 2.jpg

Outdoor Ed Day Trip to Whistler Banner.jpg

Canoeing the River of Golden Dreams

Outdoor Ed Day Trip to Whistler 4.jpg

Mountain bike ride around Alta Lake on the valley trails.

Outdoor Ed Day Trip to Whistler 5.jpg

Paddle boarding on Alta Lake

Outdoor Ed Day Trip to Whistler 6.jpg

The sun came out for our mindfulness meditation on the paddle boards. What more could you ask for?!


Students from Ms. Bumsted's PE 10 class did a hike to Princess Park where they were asked to take a photo of nature, spend five minutes alone in the presence of that object in the photo, then write a personal reflection of their experience. This is one of them.

Photo and Writing from PE 10 Class Bumsted.jpg

She walks alone along the sun stroked path. The silence in the air is broken by a birds song and the crunch of gravel under her dirty sneakers. A warm breeze blows through her hair reminding her that summer is on its way, bringing with it long days by the pool relaxing and eating artificially coloured popsicles. She makes her way towards the waters edge, the current is slow and the water levels are down. She kneels beside a moss covered rock to admire the stream softly lapping over fallen branches and pebbles like it is air. The bright sunlight reflects off the waters surface in dancing spirals as she dips her fingertips into the cold stream, running them across the smooth surface of a stone. While she stares fixed at the moving creek she takes a deep breath in. The forest air is fresh and the sun is warm on her skin, and today she knows she's never been more at peace.

Annual PE/Leadership Camping Trip to Alice Lake

PE-Leadership Alice Lake 2018 2.jpg

PE-Leadership Alice Lake 2018 1.jpg

PE-Leadership Alice Lake 2018 3.jpg

PE-Leadership Alice Lake 2018 Banner.jpg

The kids (and staff) had an amazing trip to Alice Lake - camping, hiking and rafting the Elaho River - something they will remember for quite some time. For the first time, we had the entire group (49 kids and 5 chaperones) make it to the top of the Chief in Squamish!

Outdoor Ed Trip to Granite Falls

OE Granite Falls 2018 1.jpg

OE Granite Falls 2018 5.jpg

OE Granite Falls 2018 2.jpg

OE Granite Falls 2018 3.jpg

OE Granite Falls 2018 4.jpg

OE Granite Falls 2018 Banner.jpg

Our Outdoor Ed class had a fantastic kayak camping trip from Deep Cove to Granite Falls in Indian Arm.

Senior Girls Soccer North Shore and Vancouver & District Champions

Sr Girls Soccer Van District Champions 2018 1.jpg

Sr Girls Soccer Van District Champions 2018 2.jpg

Sr Girls Soccer Van District Champions 2018 3.jpg

Sr Girls Soccer Van District Champions 2018 Banner.jpg

(some photos from the season)

Our Senior Girls Soccer team are the North Shore and Vancouver District Champions, defeating New West Secondary 3 - 0 and qualifying for the provincial championships. The team has had an exceptional season and will enter the provincial championships as one of the top seeds of the tournament.

Chester Fields 2018 Youth Photography Exhibit


2018 Chester Fields Youth Photo Exhibit.jpg

Congratulations to DMA students Julia, Chloe and Claire! These three Digital Media Academy students were chosen from the over 100 submissions to be exhibited within the selection of 28 youth photographers at the upcoming Chester Fields 2018 Youth Photography Exhibit at the Polygon Gallery in North Vancouver. This exhibit takes place from May 8, 2018 — May 26, 2018

District of North Vancouver Youth Awards

2018 District of North Van Youth Awards.jpg

Congratulations to our District of North Vancouver Youth Award winners!

"At a special ceremony at District Hall on May 1, Mayor and Council honoured a group of exceptional young people who are working hard to make life better for themselves, their peers, or the community, with annual Youth Awards."

Road Safety Day

A combined 1,000+ Argyle students participated in road safety activities outside and listened to ICBC Road Safety Speaker Ted Swan and Mayor Mussatto’s presentation inside the gym.

Thank you to all the outstanding outreach by partners including:

  • North Van RCMP officers & North Van RCMP Road Safety Volunteers: Speed Watch, Distracted Walking Course & Walk the Line w/fatal vision goggles
  • DNV FIRE department: Two fire trucks set up with DNV FIRE team engaging students
  • B.C. Ambulance Service: Ambulance outside w/Paramedic Paula engaging students
  • Windsor Secondary Autobody shop partnering with North Van RCMP: RCMP Classic Camaro on display
  • Justict Institute: Sue & team with an info booth inside

Kudos to the 500 Argyle grade 11 and 12’s who attentively listened to the road safety presentation.  From the laughs and reactions, you could tell everyone was engaged.

Kiwanis Music Festival

The Argyle Choir had outstanding performances at the Kiwanis Music Festival this Spring. The Argyle Concert Choir was selected to move on to the National Festival, which is by invitation only. Frances Roberts was awarded the John Trepp Memorial Scholarship for the most inspiring Music Director of the festival. Argyle was also one of two schools in the festival selected to award one of our students an entrance scholarship to Vancouver Community College. Congratulations!

Rugby 7's Provincials

Rugby Provincial 7's 2018.jpg

The Argyle Senior Boys 7s team finished in third in the Provincial tournament at St Georges! It was a real team effort, with many of the players being quite new to rugby.  They demonstrated tremendous determination, leadership, sportsmanship and athleticism.  Thank you to Cam Perrin and the coaches for spending their weekend with this group, and for the continued support of this program!

Outdoor Ed Visits Squamish Nation Longhouse

Outdoor Ed Squamish Nation Longhouse 2018 2.jpg

Outdoor Ed Squamish Nation Longhouse 2018 3.jpg

Outdoor Ed Squamish Nation Longhouse 2018 1.jpg

Outdoor Ed Squamish Nation Longhouse 2018 Banner.jpg

Outdoor Ed Squamish Nation Longhouse 2018 4.jpg

Outdoor Ed Students learned to carve their own tools to make fire by friction during a visit to the Squamish Nation Longhouse in North Vancouver.

Sea to Sky Cheer Competition

Senior Cheer Sea to Sky 2018.jpg

Argyle Green placed second and Argyle Gold team won first in their categories at the Sea to Sky Cheerleading Championship held at the Convention Centre. Big congratulations as this was their last cheer event this year.

The Gold Team has been awarded a fully paid bid to the World Championship competition in Florida next February. Congratulations to an amazing team of athletes.

Law Mock Trial

Law Mock Trial 2018 7.jpg
Law Mock Trial 2018 3.jpg
Law Mock Trial 2018 5.jpg
Law Mock Trial 2018 3.jpg
Law Mock Trial 2018 4.jpg
Law Mock Trial 2018 Banner.jpg

The Argyle Law classes performed a mock trial as their culmination of studying criminal law. Students spent over a month preparing and researching the case, and preparing for their roles as lawyers, judge, witnesses, court clerk, sheriff and jurors.  Well done to all students involved!

2018 Youth Philanthropy Initiative

YPI 2018.jpg

Congratulations Daniel and Campbell for winning the Youth & Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) grant. They earned a $5,000 donation for their charity of choice - the Harvest Project. This is Argyle's 8th year participating in this international program, through our Planning 10 classes. We have raised $40,000 for local North Vancouver charities through this program since 2010. Our judging panel consisted of our own Caren Hall, Assistant Superintendent Pius Ryan, School Board Trustee Franci Stratton, North Van District Councillor Roger Bassam, and several members of Student Council.

Outdoor Ed Winter Survival Challenge at Seymour

Outdoor Ed Seymour 1.jpg

Outdoor Ed Seymour 2.jpg

Outdoor Ed Seymour 3.jpg

Outdoor Ed Seymour Banner.jpg

Outdoor Ed Seymour 4.jpg

The Outdoor Ed 11-12 class had a great time snowshoeing and building snow shelters during the winter survival challenge at Mount Seymour.

Ski Provincials

Ski Provincials 2018 1.jpg

Ski Provincials 2018 2.jpg

Ski Provincials 2018 Banner.jpg

Ski Provincials 2018 3.jpg

Girls Alpine Ski Team 5th overall at Provincials!

Choices Snowshoeing at Mount Seymour

Choices Snowshoeing 2.jpg

Choices Snowshoeing.jpg

Choices Snowshoeing Banner.jpg

Choices went snowshoeing and learned winter survival at Mount Seymour with Outward Bound

Howe Sound Finals

Sr Boys Basketball Howe Sound 2018.jpg

The Sr Boys Basketball team defeated Bodwell 99 - 55 in the Howe Sound Finals. Congrats to David F. for winning Player of the Game. David was also named a tournament all-star along with Anton M. and Ben M. Alex W. was named tournament MVP. The boys have now qualified for the Provincial Championships!

Juvenile Girls Basketball

Grade 9 Girls Basketball Provincials 2018.jpg

Fourth at Provincials!

Cheer Champions

Cheer Richmond February 2018.jpg

Congratulations to the Argyle Cheer teams! The Gold and Green teams competed in a two-day competition Mardi Parti Extravaganza in Richmond where the Green team came in third and the Gold team crushed it with a first place in their division and first place over all high schools as Grand Champions!

Abbotsford "For the Love of It" Competition

Junior Cheer Abbotsford 2018.jpg

Senior Cheer Abbotsford 2018.jpg

Gold team received first place and the Green team placed first and were Grand Champions (first overall)!

Ski and Snowboard North Shore Championships

Ski and Snowboard North Shores 2018 1.jpg

Ski and Snowboard North Shores 2018 2.jpg

Ski and Snowboard North Shores 2018 3.jpg

Ski and Snowboard North Shores 2018 Banner.jpg

Ski and Snowboard North Shores 2018 4.jpg

Argyle's Ski and Snowboard team had a number of top finishers at the North Shore Championships in Whistler. Plus, a big congratulations to our experienced girls ski team who came in first overall, winning the Championship banner! Bravo Argyle!

North Shore Wrestling Championships

Wrestling North Shores 2018.jpg

Argyle sent seven wrestlers to the North Shore Championships, and all placed in the competition!

Andrew and Benson - 1st
Samantha - 2nd
Jacob, Ali, and Carter - 3rd
Mehershad - 6th

Benson was also nominated by all North Shore Coaches as the Most Outstanding Junior Wrestler at the tournament. We may not have a big program, but we definitely make our mark!

Talk at the Top, Grouse Mountain

On January 26th several Argyle students attended Talk at the Top, an annual youth mental health conference. Presenter Andrea Paquette opened up about her experience with bipolar disorder and Eric Windeler spoke about losing his son Jack to suicide, something that inspired him to create Jack.org, "the only national network of young leaders transforming the way we think about mental health".

The students learned how to educate themselves and their community about mental health and mental illness. This important event helps to break the negative stigma surrounding our mental health.

Outdoor Ed did the Snowshoe Grind on Grouse Mountain

Great weather and a beautiful sunset!

Outdoor Ed Grouse Jan 15 1.jpg

Outdoor Ed Grouse Jan 15 2.jpg

Outdoor Ed Grouse Jan 15 3.jpg

Outdoor Ed Grouse Jan 15 4.jpg

Outdoor Ed Grouse Jan 15 Banner.jpg

Fall Leadership Activities

Leadership Activities Fall 2017.jpg

Our Leadership students have had a busy fall!

Zoom Fest 2017

DMA Zoom Festival 2017.jpg

Congratulations Metanoia DMA film team, Lukas,  David, Nicole, Graham, Piero, Diego and Theo, for winning Best Cinematography at ZOOM Fest 2017. This same team from the DMA won the Best Editing award in 2017. See the winning video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_dDNmOULcI&app=desktop

Senior Boys Volleyball

The Senior  Boys Volleyball team made history TWICE. The team became the first AAA North Shore team EVER to win the Lower Mainland Championships and V & D banner - going undefeated and taking down several top seeds. They defeated the top team from McMath Wildcats 3 - 0, the top ranked Vancouver squad, David Thompson Trojans 3 - 1, and then the number two ranked Van Tech Talisman 3 - 1 in the final to bring home the Lower Mainland Banner! Congratulations on being the first AAA North Shore team to earn a berth into the BC Championship tournament, holding the #6 rank in the Province. Go Pipers! Individual accolades in the tourney go to MVP Markus B., and First Team All Stars Adam K., Ethan G., and Christian W.

Aboriginal Premiers Award

Kathleen Natrall.jpg
(Kathleen opening our Remembrance Day Ceremony wearing her great great grandmother's blanket.)

On November 14th Kathleen received the Aboriginal Premiers Award for youth in excellence on and off the field and being a good community role model. Forty-eight were given across B.C., eight per region. In the spring of 2018 12 will be picked and will receive a Provincial Award! Good luck Kathleen!

Congratulations and Good Luck to Samantha!

Samantha Oliver 2.jpgSamantha Oliver 1.jpg

Congratulations to Samantha who has recently been honoured with three impressive recognitions, including:

· Competing in the World Competition for Showdance with Team Canada
· Winner of the Youth Artistic Aboriginal Achievement Award
· BC Provincial Chilliwack Lions Representative for Sr. Modern Dance

During her time at Argyle, Samantha has taken part in the Peak Performance Program dancing 30+ hours per week while maintaining her spot on the honour role since grade 8 and working at a local restaurant.

This month, Samantha leaves for Germany from November 18 – 26 to compete in the World Competition for Showdance. She is one of a small group of individuals in Canada that has been selected to represent her country on the World stage for both large and small group.

The North Vancouver School District would like to congratulate Samantha on her impressive accomplishments! We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.

Halloween Green Screen Photos

Students learned how to compose photos with a green screen and then edit to create a Halloween scene in Photoshop!

Lauren Cheng Green Screen.jpg
Haunted House Green Screen.jpg
Anna Gagnon Stranger Things Green Screen.jpg
Hannah Lhotka Green Screen.jpg
Dante Deciantis-Wong Green Screen.jpg
Miller Kenoyer Downie Green Screen.jpg

Outdoor Ed Visits North Shore Rescue Base (Tim Jones Rescue Centre)

The students had a great time and learned some valuable skills. A big thank you to the NSR team for hosting our class!

Outdoor Ed at NS Rescue Base 1.jpg
Outdoor Ed at NS Rescue Base 2.jpg
Outdoor Ed at NS Rescue Base 3.jpg
Outdoor Ed at NS Rescue Base 4.jpg

Leadership Class help raise funds for BC Children's Hospital

On October 22, 2017 the Leadership class visited BC Place and teamed up with Innovative Fitness to put on the second annual Soccer 5's soccer tournament. The class helped officiate, score keep, set-up, take down, and participated in the event. The goal was to raise funds for BC Children's Hospital. The event was a once again a success as $15,000 was raised from donations and entry fees.

A thank you from Soccer 5:

Vancouver Soccer 5’s and BC Children’s Hospital Foundation would like to send a massive thank-you to the Argyle Leadership class. Without them volunteering their time, we would not have been able to put on the 2nd annual 5 on 5 soccer tournament at BC Place on October 22nd, 2017 which raised over $16,000 for the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at BC Children’s Hospital.

Once again, thank-you very much!

Keith Sharman

Leadership Soccer Fundraiser.jpg

Outdoor Ed Garibaldi Camping Trip and Hike up to Panorama Ridge

OE Garibaldi Camping 1.jpg

OE Garibaldi Camping 4.jpg

OE Garibaldi Camping Banner.jpg

North American Indigenous Games

Kathleen and her U16 softball team won bronze at the North American Indigenous games in May in Toronto!  Kathleen has been a catcher for four seasons now and trains almost year round.

The Toronto 2017 North American Indigenous Games are the largest sporting and cultural gathering of Indigenous Peoples in North America. The Toronto 2017 games will hosted more than 5,000 participants, 2,000 volunteers and countless spectators for 14 sport categories.

Kathleen Natrall 1.jpg

Kathleen Natrall 2.jpg
Kathleen Natrall 3.jpg

Kathleen Natrall Banner.jpg