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An Update

June 10, 2016

At Cleveland we have been actively looking at the school planning process that we will be implementing next year, and are very pleased with the feedback we have been receiving from our parent survey, the feedback we have been receiving from all staff, and the input from students.

Our Survey Monkey responses to the questions we sent out in early March have been very positive, encouraging, and supportive of the directions that we have talked with parents and staff about.

It appears our three areas of focus, for the Plan, are coming together nicely, and we can share a few details with our community:

Outdoor and Environmental Learning
We have continued our work with Dr. Jodi Streelasky of the University of Victoria in looking at our youngest students, in one of our kindergarten classes, and how they learn best, and where they really like to learn.  We are taking the children’s perspectives to heart! Our outdoor learning spaces are used daily with this group, and it is a tremendous learning experience, utilizing the fabulous environmental spaces that we have here at Cleveland.

We have pursued quite a number of other environmental initiatives as well, including our Stream of Dreams fish carvings that will be placed around the school on all our fences, the beautification and increased functionality of our courtyard space, the completion of our forest survey, the training of one of our kindergarten teachers through the Outdoor School Environmental Learning Cohort, the planting and reseeding of the outdoor spaces in the front of the school, the Free the Trees plan to rid our forested areas of invasive plant species, and the constant use of our outdoor areas for teaching and learning with all of our classes.

The Implementation of a Positive Behaviour System at Cleveland
We have had a core group of educators, principal Bill Reid, counselor Natacha Sadafi, and classroom teachers Suzanne Simpson and Leanne O’Neill participate in a three day workshop to look at aspects of what makes a school a positive place to learn for all students.  We have spent many months focusing on a common behavior matrix, so that all classes will hear consistent messages from their teachers about behavior expectations in every specific location throughout the school.  This consistent language and application of expectation is already paying dividends throughout the school.

The Implementation of Strategies from the Changing Results for Young Readers Workshops (CR4YR)
Our core planning group, principal Bill Reid, teacher-librarian Sandra Santarossa, classroom teacher Leanne O’Neill, learning support worker Tammie Aeberhardt, and classroom teacher Denise LaPrairie have been looking at what key elements of the CR4YR series will make the biggest difference for our students, and how can that be facilitated at Cleveland. We have decided to look at Fluency and Comprehension as the key elements.

More details will certainly follow!