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North Vancouver School District Announces Leadership Succession Plan

December 08, 2014

News.jpgNews Release: Franci Stratton, chair of the North Vancouver Board of Education, today announced a leadership succession plan, established and approved by the Board, for the role of superintendent of schools and CEO of the North Vancouver School District. The plan is in place to ensure stability and continuity following the retirement of John Lewis as superintendent of the North Vancouver School District.

As superintendent of North Vancouver Schools, John Lewis has led the revitalization and renewal of one of British Columbia’s most dynamic public school districts with an unwavering commitment to student achievement and inclusive learning environments. In his time as superintendent, international assessments in mathematics, science and reading have consistently shown that students in the school district achieve results that rank in the top five of the world’s nations. Enhanced programs of choice, innovative teaching practices, new initiatives in personalized learning, rising aboriginal student graduation rates, environmental sustainability, and inclusive education have all flourished in the years since John became superintendent in 2006.

Under John’s leadership, the school district initiated a consultative process to develop a clear vision for the future supported by a comprehensive 10-year-strategic plan. In the past decade, the face of the school district has been transformed with the building of 11 new and replacement schools and major facilities including the heritage restoration and rebuilding of Ridgeway Elementary and Queen Mary Elementary. This momentum of capital planning and prioritizing school replacements is well-positioned to continue in future projects that will ensure safe, welcoming and sustainable facilities to meet student and community needs.

“John Lewis has provided exceptional and tireless leadership for the North Vancouver School District,” says Franci Stratton, chair of the North Vancouver Board of Education. “The Board is deeply grateful for the unparalleled commitment and expertise he has brought to the school district and his dedication to honouring and supporting the success of every student.”

Recruitment for a new deputy superintendent will begin as part of the new Board of Education’s mandate. To support the continuity of leadership during this time, John Lewis will remain under contract as superintendent and CEO of the North Vancouver School District until his successor has transitioned into the position.

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