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Sutherland students double donations during this year's Christmas Hamper program

December 21, 2020

Sutherland Secondary students participate in the Christmas Hamper program. photo

By: North Shore News

Sutherland Secondary students have wrapped up this year’s Christmas Hamper program and have doubled their charitable contributions compared to last year.

Students brought in more than 1,800 non-perishable food items, as well as 500 articles of clothing, that have been donated to the Quest Food Exchange.

In addition, the students also raised almost $400 for the Lookout Society.

The high school’s student leadership council initiated the Christmas Hamper program in order to raise money, food and clothing for people in need this time of year.

“Sutherland more than doubled its contributions to charity from last year. It's a remarkable achievement, especially during this pandemic. We stepped up big time for our community,” said Vincent Lok, a Sutherland teacher who sponsored this year’s program.