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Jennifer Tieche receives Prime Minister's Award

October 16, 2014

JennTieche2014B.jpgNews Release: On Tuesday, October 7, 2014, Jennifer Tieche, the teacher librarian for Carson Graham Secondary, received a Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence in a special ceremony on Parliament Hill.

As one of only 10 national-level winners, Ms. Tieche was invited by the Prime Minister to Ottawa to receive her certificate in person. Costs for the Certificate of Excellence recipients to attend the national awards ceremony are covered by the PMA program. Each award of excellence also includes a monetary award of $5,000, to be shared equally between the school and the recipient.

“This is an exceptional recognition that speaks to the calibre of teaching in our school district,” says John Lewis, Superintendent of the North Vancouver School District. “Ms. Tieche’s nomination was actively supported by many of her colleagues, who recognize the values of collaboration and inclusiveness she exemplifies in her practice.”

The Prime Minister's Awards for Teaching Excellence recognize outstanding elementary and secondary school teachers in all disciplines who, through the innovative use of information and communications technologies, help Canadian students to meet the challenges of a 21st century society and economy.

“Jennifer Tieche is an adept, cross-discipline educator, a mentor to others, and an enthusiastic ambassador of our school,” says Carson Graham Secondary Principal Karim Hachlaf. “Her direct instruction, informal guidance and overall approachable, positive nature have students lining up outside her door.”

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