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Welcome to 2014/15: A Message from the Chair and the Superintendent

September 26, 2014

ReturnToSchool.jpg​Dear Parents and Guardians:    It’s with great pleasure that we welcome everyone to a new school year. The delayed start created several tense weeks and we are glad the situation was resolved with a negotiated agreement that allowed teachers to return to work and students to return to class. The enthusiasm everyone showed at the beginning of this week was inspiring to see, and we hope it is sustained and grows in the months ahead.

Once again, we would like to thank you for your patience through what was a very difficult time. We believe that the six-year agreement will bring a considerable measure of stability to our public education system. Of course, there are still many impacts to work through, and we will ensure you are kept informed as these are addressed. As always, if you have any concerns about your child’s learning or how curriculum will be delivered as the year unfolds, please contact your child’s teachers directly. Ongoing parent-teacher communication is essential to supporting student learning and success.

An exciting year is ahead! Already, we are preparing for a number of announcements to share recent accomplishments and new opportunities in our school district.

We know that great work is done in our schools, and we take pride in the achievements of students as they learn, share and grow in life. Thank you again for your support and your commitment to public education and, most of all, to your child’s learning. We wish everyone an excellent year.


Franci Stratton
Board of Education

John Lewis
Superintendent of Schools

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