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North Vancouver RCMP Implementing “Power 5” Initiative in North Vancouver Elementary Schools

November 28, 2019


North Vancouver RCMP understand the importance of positive interaction with youth from an early age and as a result are implementing a program where uniform police officers will attend local elementary schools during recess, lunch hour or after school to interact with the students.

The uniform police officers will aim to greet the students with a fist bump which may then lead into a game of pick up basketball, soccer, ball hockey, four square, or simply a conversation.  Students are encouraged to approach the police officers when they see them on the playground. Each visit is expected to last 15 – 30 minutes depending on calls for police service that day.

North Vancouver RCMP already have a Youth Intervention Unit, which includes a Corporal and three Constables,  that regularly liaise with students and school officials. The Power 5 initiative will involve all uniform members of the North Vancouver RCMP taking time out of their day to build a rapport with our youth.

Increased interaction with teachers and parents will also result from the program. School Board officials as well as Principals have been briefed on the idea and fully support it. "Power 5" will officially launch the week of December 10th. Should you see a police officer or police car at a school, more than likely it is part of the "Power 5" program and there should be no reason for concern.