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World Teachers’ Day

October 04, 2019


Dear North Vancouver School District Staff:


Subject: World Teachers' Day

Thank you to all of our staff who participated in Curriculum Implementation Day activities. Today, we took another step forward in our efforts of Indigenous Education and reconciliation. In the North Vancouver School District, Indigenous Education is universal. It is for all students and all staff. As a community, we strive to raise awareness of Indigenous history, culture, ways of knowing, and modern and future contributions to society. Through this universal approach, our school district is enhanced in many profound ways. These efforts are enabling students and staff to reach their full potential.


I want to extend huge appreciation for Dr. Niigaanwewidam James Sinclair. Not only did he present to roughly 1,600 staff members today at Carson Graham Secondary School, but he also visited with students and staff in various schools over the past two days. Thank you, Dr. Sinclair, for supporting our school district's reconciliation efforts.


Tomorrow, we officially celebrate World Teachers' Day. This day, hosted by UNESCO, International Labour Organization, UNICEF, United Nations Development Programme, and Education International, recognizes the importance that educators play in society and the integral contributions they make to a strong global community. The North Vancouver School District recognizes all of the hard work and dedication of our staff each and every day to support students. Thank you.


In celebration of World Teachers' Day, and to honour your hard work supporting students, we have gifted you with white sage. Sage is considered a sacred plant by Indigenous peoples (along with sweetgrass, red cedar and tobacco). Depending on the particular culture, sage can be used in medicine pouches, spread over the floor of a sweat lodge, wrapped around sacred implements, for healing, to remove bad spirits, to purify people and dwellings, or for calming. Smoke from white sage is used for purification of mind, body and spirit (


All North Vancouver School District staff are receiving white sage.

How to use sage:


The sage is intended to be used with students as a teaching tool and to bring some of British Columbia's Indigenous culture into every classroom in the North Vancouver School District. Several lesson plans for teaching with sage will be provided next week in the Indigenous Education weekly flyer, which will be shared with all staff in the Friday Events, Pro-D & Classroom Opportunities email. (LESSON PLAN) You may also use the sage for its traditional Indigenous purposes to cleanse your mind and remove negative energy.  Should you wish to use it personally, take a small amount of the sage, place it into a shell (or candle holder), light the sage, and cleanse your head, heart and body with the smoke. Be considerate of those who may be sensitive to scents, as sage burns with a stronger odour.


All those who attended Dr. Sinclair's presentation at Carson Graham Secondary today as part of Curriculum Implementation Day received their gift of sage. Anyone not in attendance at the presentation who wishes to also receive the gift are asked to advise their Principal. We will ensure the sage is delivered to your school/work site.



Mark Pearmain


North Vancouver School District

Curriculum Implementation Day October 4 Sage Lesson Plan.pdf