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Social Emotional Learning and Mental Health

October 03, 2019

The North Vancouver School District has identified Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and mental health as educational priorities. Why are SEL and mental health important? Check out this video to find out:


The SEL continuum

A continuum of Social Emotional Learning is integral to student well-being and development. The continuum includes an intentional focus on creating a sense of belonging for students, the teaching of pro-social skills, teaching positive mental health awareness and strategies, and an integrated approach to mental health with our community partners. Each area of SEL support is beneficial on its own, but the development of strategic action across the continuum provides a comprehensive focus and best meets the needs of all students.

The SEL continuum in the North Vancouver School District is captured in this graphic:

SEL_circle_final.png     Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 11.44.48 AM.png

The four identified areas of focus were determined through current research, and consultation and collaboration with school district staff, parents, students, and local community agencies. This continuum was informed by CASEL, Stan Kutcher, the Standing Committee on Children and Youth Mental Health, and Kim Schonert-Reichl.


Report of the Joint Committee on Social Emotional Learning and Mental Health

The development of a strategic, intentional and systemic action plan across the SEL continuum is needed. To this end, the school district established an employee joint representative committee to determine how to create and implement such a plan. After much work, this committee created a report of recommendations. Please click HERE to read the report.

Highlights from 2018/19 school year


Last school year:

  • 25 professional learning sessions were hosted focused on SEL/Mental Health.
  • A provincial grant of $250K was used towards:
    • Implementing a universal K-12 SEL program.
    • Creating programs that focus on prevention, with integrated supports from community partner agencies (including Foundry).
    • Creating a "hub" model at Mountainside Secondary that is scalable to other schools and school districts.
    • Working closely with Inclusive Education, Choices, Social Responsibility Support Program, and school-based professionals to develop a coherent framework and service delivery model.
  • 15 members sat on the Social Emotional Learning and Mental Health Committee: 4 NVTA, 3 CUPE, 4 School Based Administrators, 3 District Administrators, 1 Assistant Superintendent, plus the chair (District Principal of SEL/Mental Health).
  • 1,200 students did the grade nine mental health curriculum.
  • 15 schools hosted viewings of the documentary film Resilience, with more than 100 parents attending.
  • Nine elementary schools started the Second Step program, with two more signing-up over the summer, for a total of 11 elementary schools: Sherwood Park, Blueridge, Lynnmour, Queensbury, Lynn Valley, Carisbrooke, Norgate, Larson, Queen Mary, Canyon Heights, and Montroyal.