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District Literacy Plan 2014

June 19, 2014

LiteracyContract.jpgThe North Vancouver Board of Education recognizes the significant role that we play in the education of people of all ages within our community.

The District Literacy Plan is a statement of our commitment to work collaboratively with key community stakeholders to improve literacy for all residents of the North Shore.

Through the process of developing this District Literacy Plan, our school district acknowledges and engages with the various perspectives on literacy throughout the community.

Dialogue, positive working relationships and consensus building with our community partners over the past seven years have enabled the school district to identify specific needs and priorities that are reflected in the goals we have established for each of the pillars of literacy, and to enhance the delivery of services that support literacy development for children and families on the North Shore. The District Literacy Plan is a powerful example of the North Vancouver School District’s 2011-2021 Strategic Plan Goal to: “Strengthen and expand reciprocal community relations."