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Unsanctioned grad events

May 23, 2019

May 23, 2019


Dear Parents/Guardians:

Subject: Unsanctioned grad events


We wish to inform parents/guardians of our Grade 12 students about non-school sanctioned activities that typically take place around this time of year on the North Shore. Activities such as Gotcha, car rallies and camp-outs are sometimes thought of as "grad" activities, but these are organized outside of the school and usually without parent involvement or adult supervision.


Unfortunately, there have been past incidents of inappropriate and illegal behaviours related to some of these non-school sanctioned activities. Of great concern are behaviours that are sexually inappropriate or involve public nudity and underage drinking/drug use. Making matters worse, some of these incidents are captured on cellphones and shared by other students on social media.


As you know, once photos or videos are captured digitally and shared in the online realm it is virtually impossible to retract them. Photos and videos can remain accessible online for students' entire lives, which could have devastating consequences as they apply for post‐secondary institutions or career opportunities in the future. In addition, students that possess nude photographs or videos of their peers are actually in possession of child pornography and could be held criminally responsible.


Out of a concern for student safety, we are providing this warning to parents/guardians about past incidents and urge you to discuss with your children the potential for negative consequences as a result of this type of behaviour. 


The North Vancouver School District is fortunate to have exceptional grade 12 students who are excellent role models for their school communities. We want to ensure that their graduating year remains as positive and successful as possible.


Thank you for your understanding and support.



Brad Baker

District Principal, Safe and Caring Schools