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Self-Assessment of the Core Competencies

May 14, 2019


May 15, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Re: Self-Assessment of the Core Competencies

NOTE: This information does not apply to Capilano Elementary, Carson Graham Secondary and Queen Mary Community Elementary. These three schools are IB schools and follow International Baccalaureate Self-Assessment.


In 2017, the British Columbia Ministry of Education introduced the Core Competencies of Thinking, Communication and Personal and Social Responsibility into the curriculum. These three broad-based Core Competencies are sets of proficiencies that all students need to develop in order to engage in deep and life-long learning (MOE, 2017). Additionally, the Provincial Student Progress Report Order was amended to include the requirement of an annual summative Self-Assessment of student growth in these three Core Competencies. Further information can be found at


Over the course of the year, your child's teacher has been integrating both the Core Competencies and Self-Assessment into their lessons and activities. Teachers have engaged students in the practice of 'noticing, naming and nurturing' these competencies in all aspects of their learning. Students have learned to identify and assess their strengths and areas of growth, set goals, regularly assess their progress in relation to their goals and establish a plan to reach these goals. 


The annual summative Self-Assessment is not teacher evaluated or graded, but rather based upon what each student chooses to reflect on and share about their learning journey. The Self-Assessment is a strength-based reflection connected to curriculum over the course of the year, and is framed in an "I can" statement. Students reflect on all three Core Competencies and include specific evidence to support their statements. Students describe what they are most proud of and why.


In the next few weeks, schools will be sending home instructions on how to access your child's Self-Assessment of the Core Competencies. To support this learning, we encourage parents to engage in a conversation with their child about why and how they generated their conclusions and how the evidence they chose supports their reflections.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your classroom teacher.



Mark Pearmain

Superintendent of Schools

North Vancouver School District